EA027 - I AM Becoming The Golden~SUN of Divine~Benevolence

05 May 2014

* ~ I AM Becoming The Golden~SUN of Divine~Benevolence ~ *

INSIDE of me I SEE pebbles and they are shiny; as I concentrate and adjust my sight to see clearly, I find they are not pebbles.

INSIDE of me I SEE a tiny lights that look like pebbles, and they have a white bean like shape; something different from an embryo.

I begin to look around to find where I am; as I do I see a yellow Sun shining brightly. It is not like any Sun as it is more golden yellow

INSIDE of me I SEE to my right a turquoise blue tiled area; it is vast and a perfect square, how unusual I thought. I decided to head in that direction and as I do the tiles began to change colour;

INSIDE of me I SEE the tiles change to blue, darker blue, then blue purple and finally purple; as though my sight had made the colours change

Then I realised and my instinct began to give me answers

INSIDE of me I SEE the tiles changed colours as a process of internal and cellular change has happening inside my Etheric body. This change was simply an awakening, a refinement of my connection with my spiritual higher self

INSIDE of me I SEE myself arriving to this vast area which was the size of a football pitch, and I was in the middle.

To my surprise the tiles were not tiles but something fluid, maybe plasma

Yes, I was right

INSIDE of me I SEE I was in an area that was my spiritual blood and I was looking down on that vital force that was serving my spiritual body

I decided to sit down and feel this unusual ground; as I do a stool appeared to my left and so I decided to sit there

The intention of me sitting down on the ground had made the stool manifest and somehow I was not surprised, instead thankful

INSIDE of me I SEE the stool is made of the same purple tiles

I put my hands down to feel it and it was like silk and smooth liquid, like a very rich moisturiser. I began to rub it all over my hands and arms; as I do it quickly permeated inside my skin

THEN, I hear a loud noise, I could not describe it, it is beyond words and as I try to, my mind becomes blank; somehow it was beyond my comprehension and understanding

INSIDE of me I SEE it came to my right and it went straight my ears like someone had washed it out, silly but true; I could hear clearly then ever before

I began to walk to the sound that had finished but it was still ringing in my ear

INSIDE of me I SEE I am walking in the direction of this golden Sun which looks larger then before like a huge planet

As I walk closer and closer towards this Sun, my clothes become golden and they begin to transform

INSIDE of me I SEE that I am wearing the most elegant armour like the knights used to wear when they went into battle; but not golden though. I even had armour covering my hands and feet

As I concentrate to look at the detail I realised that the armour was my DNA and I was looking directly into my cells and not my outer body, as I first thought

Somehow I had become reversed, strange but true

My outer and skin body had become inside and the inner cellular body had come out and became visible; so difficult to explain

INSIDE of me I SEE slowly my confusion was beginning to make sense.

I was looking at my light body all golden; the sound wave that came through the Sun had made it appear

As I began to look closely at it; I could see tiny lights inside each plate of armour which was like a fish scales all over my light body

INSIDE of me I SEE and began to understand more, it appeared like armour but infact it was all light and this light was all golden

As I faced the golden Sun and realised that this was my heart; I smiled

Slowly everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi