EA022 - My Encounter with The Wisdom of The Higher~MIND anchoring in the Body

14 April 2014

~ "My Encounter with The Wisdom of The Higher~MIND anchoring in the Body ~"

INSIDE of me I SEE a person standing in front of me; as I concentrate I notice he is the same height as me; he is dressed all white and had green eyes

He smiled and said;

 “Dear Soul; I am you and come to take you to a journey; so empty your minds of any associations and ideas. Just simply BE and be empty”

INSIDE of me I SEE myself nodding my head and then breathed in and out slowly; my head indeed was filled with lots of things and needed time to let go of all these thoughts

I breathed in and out several times and focused my eyes on this person in front of me

INSIDE of me I SEE I could feel something was leaving me, as though my spirit was coming out of me

Then he spoke again;

“Dear Soul worry not this is your conscious thought that is leaving you, so be not afraid; let it past over you and beyond

They do not serve you, so take time and let things transpire, no have no control over this, and so simply BE”

INSIDE of me I SEE myself saying softly, ‘I will’ and continued to breathe in and out until I could feel myself being calm and balanced. At the same time I could feel little things coming out of my mind and into the air then disappearing

When this slowly finished, I felt alert and my concentration had indeed improved, I was now ready and said thank you for his patient

“Dear Soul, it is wise to empty the thoughts that have been stuck for years, as they do not serve the spiritual YOU and the NEW you that you have BECOME

It has been a journey that has lead you to this place at this time; so much was needed to LEAVE the conscious and subconscious that was OLD

Dear Soul it is time for YOU to enter the NEW~SELF that is within YOU, so be anxious but simply BE in YOU

The YOU is all that IS, and is NOT has become TRANSPIRED; so build the SELF and continue to LOOK WITHIN to seek further the treasure you are SEEKING

Dear Soul, enjoy this fruit and eat what is for YOU”

INSIDE of me I SEE the fruit was yellow and shaped like a papaya; it looked like it too, but it was not this. There were little diamonds on the sides that were green and jade too. The fruit was a little longer then my hands and elongated and oval too

I see the man open this fruit by splitting it my with his hands; to reveal a red fleshy interior and a scent of freshness filled the air.

INSIDE of me I SEE the scent was a mixture of mango, water melon with a hint of rose too; he gave me one half and began to eat the other half

INSIDE of me I SEE myself eating this half, then immediately the scene changes; somehow everything had disappeared and now I was looking at a chair

All around me was nothing but darkness and the only thing I could see was this chair

INSIDE of me I SEE the chair was wooden yet a hint of gold too was visible; it was more like a throne and I realised that this was my SELF and the symbol was this chair

INSIDE of me I SEE I knew that this was my destiny or my path was to inherit and find my goal in life and this chair or throne was this symbol; somehow I felt all relieved and a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders

I moved slowly towards this chair and sat down; it felt perfect and comfortable too

INSIDE of me I SEE I felt relaxed and just wanted to stay without going anywhere; I had finally found MY~SELF the spiritual path that was missing

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to start fading away and I knew that I had finished

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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