EA026 - The CALIBRATION of The Physical~SELF unto Universal-Consciousness

04 May 2014

~The CALIBRATION of The Physical~SELF unto Universal-Consciousness ~

INSIDE of me I SEE a star and as I concentrate and adjust my sight; it is not what I thought

INSIDE of me I SEE an octahedron star and there is something inside of it; the size is big, perhaps the size of a house

INSIDE of me I SEE this octahedron star change its shape; as I keep looking it began to move and slide. It was the facets of the diamond that began to move, sometimes upwards too

INSIDE of me I SEE it began to separate and there were exactly four spaces in between and it was all in a line.

The diamond separated into four clusters and a space in between

INSIDE of me I SEE yellow inside this vertical star and then a purple; it is so hard to explain without a diagram, I hope you can all visualise it

INSIDE of me I SEE another middle cluster separate and become a fifth; so now there are five clusters all vertically lined up; then the fifth began to divide and become three. This began to move horizontally and equally spaced from either side

INSIDE of me I SEE it is like a cross but not a cross as in the interpretation, it meant something else. I stood in front of these vertical stars which my senses could not come up with a name as yet

INSIDE of me I SEE that these stars were actually my chakras and they divided into a spiritual aspect which was a higher dimensional chakra. This is what I was SEE~ing and my insight slowly began reveal the truth of it all

INSIDE of me I SEE it began to come closer and closer; still keeping this shape perfectly

Slowly it moved and I began to smell its scent; how unusual the vertical stars and chakra had a scent; this was like a rosy musk but pleasant to my senses

INSIDE of me I SEE it began to disintegrate in front of; it began to divide into millions of tiny diamonds and colours began to explode outwards and in my direction

My head began to tingle and then my body too; some how the diamonds were everywhere and all I could see too. The space around me was covered in diamonds and all in the air just floating

INSIDE of me I SEE the diamonds were giving off colour and I could still smell this rosy musk which was everywhere and in the air


INSIDE of me I SEE everything disappeared and I was in total darkness; there was no light or anything but darkness all around me; it was so dark I could not see my hand at all

INSIDE of me I SEE the smell too had gone and it was eerie and just nothing but silence

I began to relax and compose the initial shock of this darkness; I began to breathe deeper and deeper and exhaled slowly too

INSIDE of me I SEE myself being totally relaxed and in this darkness


INSIDE of me I SEE a purple tiny light in the distance and it began to grow bigger and bigger and soon the darkness was no more


INSIDE of me I SEE purple colours everywhere filling the space around me; and as I looked around I realised that I was covered in diamonds; the same diamonds that disintegrated had become attached to me

I had a diamond body and these were all clear and surrounded by purple light

INSIDE of me I SEE a purple bush which was unusual as there was nothing around me but emptiness

I walked slowly towards this purple bush and as I do the scenes change and all of a sudden there was a blue sky, trees, bushes and a running stream by my left.

INSIDE of me I SEE the purple bush it the height of my waist and spread about ten feet across the grassy ground

Somehow I could feel its energy and it was communicating with me; yet I could not understand anything.

Words, symbols and colours all flashed in my head and I knew it was this bush that was sending them. The images were so fast I could not focus on anything and just let it flash across my mind

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to slow down, the images slowly I could focus upon

I SEE a circle and many circles all linked together like a chain; and inside and in the middle is a mouth or what looks like a mouth; it is red and filled with diamonds on its outer lips. But remember they are not lips or a mouth but only it looks like this

INSIDE of me I SEE this all in my mind and it was this purple bush inspiring me all of this


INSIDE of me I SEE these circles all surround the inside of my skull.

INSIDE of me I SEE my brain was all purple and filled with diamonds; I then looked at my hands and they were still covered in these tiny diamonds

THEN a breeze swept across my face and I could smell the freshness of the trees and bushes

Slowly everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2014


~ * Theme: Activation of The Diamond Octahedron STAR~Merkabah Light-Body:

Dear One...... In this QUANTUM~VISION of Your Octahedron Body of Light,
Being in the Light~BODY Chariot that YOU ARE,

YOU are en~VISION~ing The Octahedron Diamond BODY of LIGHT,
that naturally resonates simultaneously in a Merkabah activation formation,

Representing our multi-dimensional connections ‘as above, so below’,
the Merkabah geometric energy field normally spins around (and through) your body at very high speeds resonating with your atttunement (level of consciousness) in each and every moment.

Merkabah means the Spirit/body surrounded by counter rotating fields of Light.  

Counter rotating means the upward (masculine) tetrahedron spins anti-clockwise and the downward (feminine) tetrahedron spins clockwise, hence forming a divine ‘orb’ of light.

It is this ‘orb’ Merkabah vehicle that transports your Spirit/Body from one dimension to another.

Thus the Merkabah helps the Hue'MAN in Body to fully activate your Light Body Crystalline Matrix multi-dimensionally through the 13 levels of experience (dimensions) of our Galaxy – i.e. Metatron’s Cube.

You have the potential to transform your Octahedron Body of Light into a conscious Merkabah field formation in order to facilitate transformational healing through the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.

The Merkabah field formation connects the heart chakra to ‘zero point’,
the connection of ‘as above, so below’ thus through INTENT healing takes place from the 1st Dimensional (Crystalline Field – Earth Gateway)
through to the 8th Dimension (Centre of the Galaxy – Cosmic Gateway).

When you are in conscious connection with the 13 Divine Laws of Creation through you, (the 13 Sacred Keys), this simultaneous formation of our Merkabah Light Body naturally occurs as you express yourself as a fractal of the ALL, the entire potential field of Creation.

In your Multi~Dimensional Expressions into which you are expanding Dear One,

The Universal Life Tool that is The Octahedron is the eight-sided diamond with 12-edges, representing 12 layers of DNA.

Each side is a triangle. It represents love, the heart and compassion, integration, the 8-fold path to Enlightenment, the element of Air, the colour yellow and the Heart (4th) chakra.

Your Core Heart is found in the Octahedron as an expression of Self- love and Compassion. It can help you move forward. It represents your Inner Child.

The Heart Star (a stellated cube octahedron) activates the Heart Chakra.
It cleanses abandonment and betrayal by healing and purifying the emotional body, providing emotional balance.

It reminds you that your Love for YOU, is your protection through
bringing of the emotional body into alignment with its soul purpose.
It is the “Stargate to the Light-Body”.

This central fractal within the Human hologram forms a junction through which all systems within the interactive inter-connecting mechanism of the human matrix are interwoven.

It is the fulcrum point through which you em~BODY the BENEVOLENCE of CREATION within the individual unified field of each Human entity.

The Heart Star as it is placed within the Covenant embedded in the human matrix is in frequency resonance with the Heart Chakra.

Elements:  Air, Earth,
Expression: Expanded Receptivity

Along with the Octahedron, there is a 6th mystical shape, also found within Metatron’s cube.

This is the star tetrahedron, made up of 2 tetrahedrons. This powerful shape is also called a Merkabah. It is basically a 3 dimensional Star of David.

It contains within it the geometry of the cube, the octahedron and the tetrahedron. The word Merkabah, in ancient Egyptian, is translated as MER: rotating fields of light, KA: spirit, and BA: soul and in Hebrew it means 'chariot'.

Hue’MAN Aura is shaped like a Star Tetrahedron ~

Your activated Merkabah Body of Light, your 12 pointed Stellated Dodecahedron of Light (through the 13th central point), is the vehicle that supports your conscious connection with the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.  
It is the vehicle that supports the awakening of your DNA and your quantum leap into enlightenment.

The Merkabah Body of Light surround the physical body as a six pointed star formation, however the energetic meridians of this formation in actual fact run energy via 12 points, through the 13th zero point field of the Heart

– this is the zero point field of the triple Heart
– i.e. the Heart of the Galaxy, Heart of the Earth and our Heart.

The Merkabah is the merged opposition of 2 three-dimensional equilateral triangles to form a six pointed star.  However, how can our Octahedron Body of Light create a Merkabah formation when it is made of more than 2 Tetrahedrons.

If you were to draw a three-dimension Octahedron, you would find that it is comprised of not just 2 Tetrahedrons, but in actual fact 8 Tetrahedrons.   
The top half of the Octahedron is made of 4 Tetrahedrons coming together to form a 4 sided pyramid, and then the bottom half of the Octahedron comprises another set of 4 Tetrahedrons in mirror image.

Thus when your Octahedron Body of Light is activated to form a Merkabah Body of Light; 4 Merkabah are actually created (4 sets of 2 Tetrahedrons).
These 4 Merkabahs then merge together to create 2 sets of Merkabahs
(As per the Law of Polarity – refer to Shealla-Dreaming), represented as a 12 pointed Stellated Dodecahedron held together via a 13th central zero point field.  This formation is also called a Double Merkabah.

~ * 1.  The Separation of The Octahedron Star into 4~Octahedrons with Spaces vertically aligned:

This is the entering of The DIAMOND into Your Light Column within The Physical Body
And stabilizing itself around the major chakric points along the Light Column from ABOVE, which is COSM~Os through Your SOUL CHAKRA ~

~ * 2.  Yellow & Violet Vertical Stars:

Yellow is of the ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE & Challenges in the second Brain of the Hue'MAN Mechanism that is Solar Plexus, The Highest of the Lower Chakras~

Purple is of The Infinite~KNOW~ing of the AWARE~ness of the SUCH~ness of The COSM~Os as YOU, that enters Your Crown Chakra with which YOU walk your HIGHEST~SELF with Your Hue'MAN Self ~

These two are a PAIR that works in unison in this Transition of the Hue'MAN DNA & Cellular Structure ~

Since Yellow ANCHORs Violet, that WHO YOU ARE can be brought down through the OCTAHEDRAL STAR Light~BODY, into the Solar Plexus to elevate it to the Higher~MIND ~ This is your Possibility being shown unto YOU, Dear One ~

~ * 3.  Formation of fifth cluster & all five clusters all vertically lined up; then dividing to become three:

This is like the view of your Light Column from above your head looking down, Dear One ~

The Central Octahedron that is the CORE HEART STAR lines up along with the rest to form almost a Cross at whose HEART / Centre is this Unique Star has presented itself to YOU ~Its splitting into three has two significances noteworthy here;

a)  The Three Lower chakric energies are being elevated to the HEART PORTAL Level as Gateway of Heart STAR opens~

b)  On either side of the dual column of the BEING~ness YOU are a precise replica of the CORE HEART STAR is being placed such that it is all now in the ALIGNMENT to your BE~COME~ing ONE as Light Body in the Physical ~

~ * 4.  The Dis~Integration of the STAR into Millions of tiny Diamonds and Colours:

Here the Trillions of Cells of Your BODY is now stepping up into the LIGHTBODY Blue~Print that turns them each into Tiny Octahedral Diamonds in their state of Consicousness and yet it is ONE BODY ~

~ * 5.  The Smell of ROSY~MUSK:

The Odour of Rose & Musk points to The Deep LOVE of The DIVINE with The Hue'MAN Self and its dedication in taking The Hue'MAN unto the LIGHT it is ~

~ * 6  Everything disappears and you were in total darkness:

As the old leaves, with your permission for it to be released from the hold of your 4~Lower Bodies Dear ONE,

Before the New Can BE........ there is a ZERO~Point / Ground~ZERO that you experience as a Consciousness, which may look quite Un~KNOWINGFUL Chaos~Filled Nothingness; This is seemingly pitch dark as it spins at highest/greatest speeds and yet YOU are not capable to perceiving its move
and hence it seems like darkness to YOU, like that of The BLACK~HOLE that is the BIRTH~ing Place of all Consciousness ~

~ * 7  The CLEAR~Diamond surrounded by Purple Diamonds / Light:

Is your First SIGHT~ing after the blackout, your NEW BEGINNING with the CLEAR PINEAL / THE EYE, with the Purple Diamond Consciousness, of your Hemispheres of The BRAIN as BASE for The PINEAL reaching into the COSM~Os, Dear One ~
The empty Purple Bush is your New Crown Chakric Expression waiting to be expressed, and hence empty ~ as you enter deep down through the Vertical COLUMN of LIGHT BODY inside your PHYSICAL,
YOU begin to see Blue Sky, Green Trees / Pasture and the Water body trailing along on the Earth, which is truly the INNATE Consciousness of Your BODY ~

~ * 8  "I SEE a circle and many circles all linked together like a chain;

And inside and in the middle is a mouth or what looks like a mouth; it is red and filled with diamonds on its outer lips."

-  The CIRCLE is the receptive and all~Encompassing MOTHER/COMPASSION Consciousness that is now being anchored into Your ROOT CHAKRA symbolically; as your entire EARTH EXPRESSION in the Whole Physical itself
is the ROOT / ANCHOR of the COSM~ic Consciousness that YOU ARE~

The Physical density that is represented by this RED DIAMOND LIPS
From The Present TRANSITION & INTEGRATION of The Octahedral LIGHT BODY into the PHYSICAL ~

~ * 9  The circles surrounding the insides of your purple-filled & diamonded skull:

Along with the MOTHER COMPASSION DIVINE (symbolic CIRCLE) that enters your whole PHYSICAL, and into Your Root Chakra & Earth Chakra in the Earth Expression and ANCHOR~ing Of YOU as a CONSCIOUSNESS, there also takes place a simultaneous corresponding resonance of Circles of Purple inside the SKULL, which is The HOUSE of THE SOUL / SEAT of The SOUL (PINEAL) ~

Your Physical Vessel / Body Dear ONE, is a RECEPTIVE FEMININE Counterpart to Your LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS
**  Root Chakra is where you receive energy from the earth.
**  Sacral is where we are emotionally charged from;
**  Solar Plexus is the location of our life force energy,
Where you are energized from, where you build an image / identity of yourself; where you choose how you describe yourself to the world. (YELLOW)

(THIS................is what is in elevation through this I SEE VISION)

**  Heart is where you share your essence/love with the world from.
**  Throat is where you express yourself to the world from.
**  Brow is where you receive info from Spirit.
**  Crown is where we receive energy from God/the Universe.(PURPLE)  

Notice this here Dear ONE.... that the Bindu Chakra (Point of CONVERGENCE of Consciousness)

That lies beneath the cow lick at the back of their head.  

The Healing & Rejuvenating Centre of Your BE~ingness

Anatomically it is located where the bones of the back and sides of the skull meet (the occiput and the parietal). The direction of the stream of cosmic energy flowing into the Chakra can be seen quite clearly at this point. Whilst this energy centre “sleeps” it is similar to a dot, but when awakened its energy begins to flow or to “drip”.

The Bindu Chakra produces truly astonishing effects.

The most outstanding effect of the Bindu Chakra is the production of the nectar of Immortality.

On the physical level this means that with the awakening of the Bindu Chakra the Pineal Gland;

This is connected to this centre, becomes active. This gland emits a hormone that has a “fountain of youth” influence on both body and mind.

And so it is ~~ *