EA024 - The Integration of the Cosmic Heart into My Physical Heart

18 April 2014

"The Integration of the Cosmic Heart into My Physical Heart" ~

INSIDE of me I SEE a HEART it is huge, as big as a house, beating softly

INSIDE of me I SEE the background as a soft gold colour, the sky and the surface; as I concentrate and adjust my eyes; I notice the heart too is golden but a deeper colour,

INSIDE of me I SEE a swirl if jade green diamonds wrapping around the heart and going upwards to; these diamonds complete a symmetrical pattern circling the heart several times


INSIDE of me I SEE a door to the left and bottom of the heart; this like a normal door but has a red door knob; I decide to go through

INSIDE of me I SEE a the greenest grass valley I have every seen; it went on for miles and miles, it was like a lawn; there were clusters of tiny flowers of all varieties growing

INSIDE of me I SEE that I felt I was in a special place, even heaven I thought; such was the beauty of this place

INSIDE of me I SEE on my right a chest filled with precious stones that overflow onto the grass too; in the distance I could different variety of trees; I did not know where to look, as I did there was always something wonderful to see; even a rock on my right looked majestic

INSIDE of me I SEE a single bird flying and it was coming towards me; I see it is golden and from its wings there was light; as I concentrate I realise the bird I have seen before, it was huge a little bigger then me and huge in body size too

I know now, it is the golden eagle which represented my spiritual consciousness has come to see me; it circled around me twice then came down gently close to me

INSIDE of me I SEE the eagle has an olive twig in its beak and places it gently in my hands

Then from its wings it takes out a precious stone, a Jade that is five sided, pentagon. It is the size of my hand and has weight toon

Under the other wing it brings out a revolving bright blue staff, which is no more then two feet in length

INSIDE of me I SEE the eagle smiling at me and then with a single flap, diamonds came rushing through and inside of me; at the same time the eagle took to the air and flew off

INSIDE of me I SEE that millions of diamonds had gone inside of me, which I felt was my DNA that was opening

As I was touching my chest a feeling tingling sensation rush through my body; in the distance there was a light that was flashing

INSIDE of me I SEE a vast ocean from no where had just appeared; it was so blue and a sailing boat was visible too; I began to walk and in a split second I arrive at the boat that was harboured and tied up to a tree

INSIDE of me I SEE myself untying the blue pleated rope made of silk and diamonds threaded in between

I push off from the side and sail on this boat, made from the finest wood I have ever seen; there were no oars but the wind was directing the boat in a path of its choosing

INSIDE of me I SEE the wind took me to the middle of this ocean and I kept sailing along; there was no waves, no gales of wind but just a gentle breeze that made the sails capture it and move along

INSIDE of me I SEE myself smelling the air that was fresh and a breeze that washed my face with its scent


INSIDE of me I SEE a fish jump out of the water and land on its tail inside the boat and then another, both were the same

Somehow I knew they represented an aspect of my spiritual sight; there eyes were bigger then normal and the body was multicoloured, like a rainbow but in a swirly pattern

INSIDE of me I SEE the fish, on my left speak;

“Dear Soul, there is love that fills your heart each day and has become infinite

It flows and has become a stream; soon this flow will make a great river and then an ocean; this has already happened

The ocean you sail upon is that LOVE

Dear Soul, there is such beauty in this love and SEE for yourself the calmness of the water”

INSIDE of me I SEE the ocean as beautifully calm and serene too and then the fish continued;

“Dear Soul, no one can match this LOVE; as this represents a UNIQUE~NESS and quality that only YOU possess

So swim in this LOVE as we enjoy too the waters of this love ocean”

INSIDE of me I SEE the fish jump back into the ocean leaving behind a treasure chest filled with allsorts of precious stones

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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