EA023 - I AM BE~Coming Rooted in the Earth while Reaching for the Stars

16 April 2014

"I AM BE~Coming Rooted in the Earth while Reaching for the Stars"

INSIDE of me I SEE a ball and next to it is a small chair; behind this there is a tree.

This tree reminds me of the many images of the tree of life

INSIDE of me I SEE myself looking around but that is all I can see. I go towards the ball and realise it is not a normal ball. Yes it is circular but it is a gas which is held in a perfect sphere

INSIDE of me I SEE that this gas sphere is yellow and I can see gas clouds and swirls inside; it is about my height and my psyche tells me that this is a symbol of my inner consciousness.

Being intrigued I put my hand in this sphere and it went straight through; But when I put my hand out it was covered in purple and different shades of green too

INSIDE of me I SEE the chair next to it and again my spiritual wisdom tells me that this is my anchor, my grounding on this world.

The chair was a normal size and not small as I first thought; made of natural wood with thousands of carving engraved all around the legs, seat and back of the chair

INSIDE of me I SEE the Tree of Life and it began to call to me, beckoning me to come closer and I do

It spoke in a soft but clear voice, that was feminine;

“Dear Soul, enter thy WISDOM and use the fruits of the universe to CONVERSE; if thy wish a wish then wish and ask what is needed

Dear Soul, what is TRUE is TRUE and will be provided according to your means and even more, so in TRUTH continue to walk in your PATH
Free the mind for what is RIGHT or WRONG as you have always done in this new wave of YOU; so that what is in TRUTH becomes your TRUTH;

Dear Soul let the BIRD consciousness in YOU fly to great heights and is clear in your CLARITY that beholds YOU in the spiritual WISDOM

Converse and converse more with THY~SELF from the heights of the SPIRIT that resides in YOU

Converse more each day, wherever you are and whatever you do

ASK if thy wish but converse

Dear Soul go now and follow the flowers”

INSIDE of me I SEE I thanked my inner spiritual guide and followed a cluster of flowers that suddenly appeared

These flowers were somehow pointing me to a region far away, towards a red cloud in the distance, I begin to walk and head for it

INSIDE of me I SEE that I arrive almost at once, it was like a split second and I covered the distance so quickly

INSIDE of me I SEE clusters of perfect clouds just hovering; remembering what my spirit told me, I asked ‘who are you’

The clouds moved and somehow came closer to each other and then spoke;

“Dear Soul we are the bounty of YOU and that is to transpire in your life; we appear as clouds to YOU but we a refined energy that holds your wishes and your truths

YOU have an internal wish and that desire has grown exponentially in this week; so this birth of clouds is YOUR desire that is coming to form

Dear Soul, it will happen, so rejoice in your truths and the path that you walk”

INSIDE of me I SEE I began to smile and feel relieved that the struggles on this path will soon be over and I needed now to enjoy the fruits of my life

INSIDE of me I SEE I thought indeed to converse and not be silent when a thought needed to be resolved

INSIDE of me I SEE it continue;

“Dear Soul, take this and let it come into your LIFE”
A cloud the size of a small plate hovered close to my face; I then gently with both hands I bring it closer; it felt like silk and cotton wool. It began disappearing inside the palms of my hands

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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