EA021 - My Integration with The Wisdom of The DIVINE Feminine into the Body

14 April 2014

Part 2

"My Integration with The Wisdom of The DIVINE Feminine into the Body ~"
(this is a transformation / metamorphosis stage within of the mental Body and The Physical Cells)

INSIDE of me I SEE a horse and I recognise it straight away; it is the same one from yesterday

INSIDE of me I SEE the white horse is but this time it is more muscular. The mane had the same plaits of diamonds and in the tail too. It stood there looking straight into my eyes and slowly came forward

INSIDE of me I SEE the horse touch my head with its head and nudge it affectionately, and then it just vanished

INSIDE of me I SEE a huge open forest with trees are scattered yet it was beautiful to see; there were butterflies everywhere flying between trees and bushes too

As I concentrated further I SEE trees were all one variety yet different shapes and sizes; I moved closer to have a look and touched the leaf. It smelt of a flowery scent and perfume that was familiar but I could not exactly recognise

INSIDE of me I SEE dozens of butterflies come towards me and rest on this tree; in the distance I hear a sound that penetrates straight into me and my ears began to ring. It wasn’t loud but enough to take note

I turned round to find the location of that sound and in the distance I could see a huge red BOWL, in between a cluster of trees

INSIDE of me I SEE I look back at the tree and noticed the tree was now full of butterflies, even on the bark of the tree too. There was not a single place left; there must have been thousands and thousands

THEN incredibly they all flew over me and landed all over me; I was covered in butterflies and they lifted me up from the ground; it was a bit of a shock but they were actually transporting me somewhere

INSIDE of me I SEE the butterflies took me a short distance and into the red bowl; they gently placed me inside and flew away, it was an incredible sight
INSIDE of me I SEE the bowl is the size of a room, about 4 metres in diameter; the floor was all marble and golden, but the walls were translucent red

I then wondered what I was doing inside this bowl and what else would happen next

INSIDE of me I SEE I hear a very faint sound, then it became louder slowly; it increased in pitch until it increased in sound again. When this happened the bowl began to vibrate, the floor and the sides of the wall all began to shake.

It was all in a particular pitch and I began to vibrate too, but I was not afraid and new it was to tune to this frequency; it was part of my cleansing and my body needed to match this frequency wave

INSIDE of me I SEE my body changing, as though bits of things were moving around me and I could feel things rushing from one place to the other. It was weird yet I knew I had to be patient and not worry, so I sat down and let it all happen

After a while the sound slowly decreased and then it was all gone

INSIDE of me I SEE that everything had stopped vibrating and my body too; I looked at my hands and I was covered in butterfly tattoos, even the inside and in between my fingers. I lifted my shirt and again it was all over my body; then I looked at both legs and feet and again more butterflies

INSIDE of me I SEE myself smiling and wondered if it could rub out so I began to touch these tattoos, but they were permanent

Then incredibly my body began to vibrate and one by one the tattoos came to life and flew away; it was like watching a film in slow motion and seeing them come to life and fly away

INSIDE of me I SEE this took several minutes before my skin colour could be seen and all of them had gone

INSIDE of me I SEE I notice a shine to my skin and then noticed the red bowl had too gone

In the distance I good see a waterfall flowing multicoloured water into the same red bowl and surrounding it was the butterflies that left my body

INSIDE of me I SEE that everything around me began to fade and disappear; my vision had finished

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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