EA020 - My Encounter with The Wisdom of The DIVINE Feminine in the Body

13 April 2014

Part 1

~ My Encounter with The Wisdom of The DIVINE Feminine in the Body ~
(this is an encounter stage within of the mental Body and The Physical Cells)

INSIDE of me I SEE a perfect circle; as I concentrate my eyes, I notice it is a huge circular diamond. This is rolling beside me along a path which is golden

INSIDE of me I SEE a huge white horse on the right galloping very fast; then I notice that I too was going along at a rapid speed; as I look to my left the diamond was still rolling along at my speed

INSIDE of me I SEE that all three of us, the diamond on my left and the white horse on my right, were all following this golden tiled path

Yet I did not feel tired at the speed I was travelling then suddenly I began to slow down and come towards a yellow coloured waterfall

INSIDE of me I SEE the waterfall was a golden yellow with shimmering diamonds falling into a pool of mercury; the pool was like a mirror, so reflective was the surface

Then I remembered and turned round to look at this diamond closely

INSIDE of me I SEE the diamond represented the collective consciousness of my cells and DNA; it was a UNITY POINT of consciousness and it was a clear faceted diamond. It was exactly my height

And then I turned to my right

INSIDE of me I SEE a beautiful white horse with pleated diamonds in its mane and tail hair too; I could see the powerful muscles on its legs and shoulders; it looked across with its deep blue eyes and nodded its head several times

I grab the horses’ neck to give it hug and I could smell its sweet and fragrant odour, a mixture of musk and roses

INSIDE of me I SEE this yellow waterfall and mercury pool it was falling into

INSIDE of me I SEE the horse walk forwards and began to drink from this pool; in my head I wanted to stop it, wondering it could be poisonous; but I stopped myself and had to correct myself; for we were not on earth but inside of me and the laws of light are completely different

INSIDE of me I SEE the horse drinking happily and in big gulps too and that moment I too wanted to drink;

I decided to go into the pool and drink from the yellow waterfall; as I do the waterfall becomes more ‘LIGHT~FULL’, it was like a bright shining light and shimmering like diamonds, I knew that I had made the right decision

INSIDE of me I SEE myself collecting the water in my hands; unusually it was clear and not yellow, I drank from my hand; it had a taste of roses and flowers and I could feel the nourishment in my stomach

INSIDE of me I SEE I notice a figure that came out of the mercury pool; first it was like a ghost with a blanket, but quickly it changed into a man with no arms, then into a complete person

INSIDE of me I SEE the man is completely white as white and he had purple and blue eyes with brown hair; as I concentrated I realise that it was not white but mercury and the reflection was coming from the white horse

This man was like a mirror, so shiny was his reflective skin

INSIDE of me I SEE this man spoke;

“Dear Soul, you have entered deeply into your own reflection of your psyche, the wise one will explain the meaning;

Dear Soul, you have journeyed further then ever before and it is a blessing that you have ventured so deeply;

I am your mirror reflection of your psyche and divine wisdom; you see ME as a man, but there is more to SEE then this mirror surface

I hold the REFLECTION of the DIVINE attributes and wisdom; this knowledge is for your LIFETIMES that has come to completion

There will be no more reincarnation but a single UNIT of light after your rebirth from this material world

I give you this diamond and horse as a reward from your DIVINE~SELF and the GOD within YOU

The journey ahead will be easier and pleasurable in your material life and through the dimensions as you venture further OUT and into INFINITY

Dear Soul embrace ME know and merge with THY~SELF and become ONE with THY~SELF”

INSIDE of me I SEE moving forward and embraced warmly and felt a huge burden being lifted from my shoulders

As I embraced the man I felt a tingling sensation speed through to every part of my body in a slit second then it was over

INSIDE of me I SEE the man disappearing and knew it was inside of me

I had merged successfully within me

INSIDE of me I SEE myself becoming sleepy and began to wake up from my vision; I had finished

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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