EA019 - My Visitation & Journey through Diamond Consciousness in The Body

12 April 2014

~ My Visitation & Journey through Diamond Consciousness in The Body

INSIDE of me I SEE that I am walking along a path and on both sides are blue turquoise flowers; they are about my waist high and gently I brush my hands as I walk along

INSIDE of me I SEE the flowers are a mixture of small and large; the different varieties surprise me as there were so many. There were none that were repeated, yet the flowers went on and on along my path

I release immediately that this signified my cells and the DNA that had opened inside of ME. The flowers represented the Etheric wisdom inherited and that had opened up. The variety and difference in the size and shape showed that each cell contained a particular type of knowledge

INSIDE of me I SEE I noticed there were purple flowers too mixed amongst the blue; I could SEE clearly now and even the detail, it took time for my spiritual inner eyes to adjust and concentrate

INSIDE of me I SEE I continued walking along this path and it must have been a long time and as I looked behind, I could SEE that I had walked for miles and miles

Then suddenly the scene changes, gone were the flowers on both sides

INSIDE of me I SEE I realise that I was now walking along with diamonds with long stems on both sides; but there were larger, size of dinner plates, in all shapes and sizes. Some were like pear drops and others pure white. Yet there were so many colours

Like the flowers they were gently swaying in a breeze that smelled of roses and honey

INSIDE of me I SEE I was mesmerised with the quantity of diamonds all around me along this unusual path

Then after walking for miles and miles the path finished
INSIDE of me I SEE a golden rock it was huge, the size of a house and in the middle was a purple gem stone, in the shape of a heart

I realised that this was my Inner and Etheric heart; I go really close and touch this rock

INSIDE of me I SEE and feel this rock and it was like a dense fluid, in between the touch of plasticine and water; yet it held its golden colour brightly

INSIDE of me I SEE this rock changing in front my eyes, the size was changing too; it became bigger and shinier. It was now a big structure and in perfect symmetry. I could see there were round and straight edges at some of the corners

Then I realise

INSIDE of me I SEE it was a perfectly cut faceted diamond golden gemstone. I had never see a golden diamond before and with a purple heart as a centre too

It began to shine even more now, like diamonds do, in the sunlight

INSIDE of me I SEE the Purple Heart shine a brilliant white light onto my face like a torch, and then it spoke

“Dear Soul, walk along the path of YOUR wisdom and inherit what is YOURS; squander not and waste not that does not belong; BUT revel in the knowing it will come soon

Bestow the inner peace that you HAVE and enjoy that PEACE and thrive”

In that moment I knew it wanted me to continue writing and focus on my inner knowing and wisdom

It continued

“Dear Soul, a diamond has awaken in YOU can you SEE”

In that moment I could see a peach coloured diamond in front of me, floating in the air. It smelt like roses and it was the size of my hand

As I concentrated further the colour was more of a pale orange or closer to a rich pink. It was not easy to describe it as it has not been seen on earth; yet it shined brightly

“Dear Soul, these are the riches you have been waiting and it will open up and reveal all to you; so concentrate regularly and inherit what is yours”

INSIDE of me I SEE the Purple Heart closing and the light slowly fading away; somehow I felt a relief come over me, like I had a burden that had been lifted

INSIDE of me I SEE the huge golden diamond shining even brightly then before and it had changed again. Gone were the round edges and replaced into a perfectly faceted diamond cut shaped gem. But this time there were more facets and it was cleared too

INSIDE of me I SEE that I could look through this diamond so clear it is

Then slowly the diamond began to shrink, I watched in amazement

INSIDE of me I SEE it continued to shrink from a the size of a house to a football and then to the size of my fist

It stopped and just floated in the air

INSIDE of me I SEE the golden diamond shot straight inside of me, it shook and surprises me, but there was no pain as it entered my heart like a bullet

INSIDE of me I SEE I could feel it brightness as it rested were it had always rested. It was MY heart after all

INSIDE of me I SEE everything fading away and I smiled

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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