EA017 - Recalibration of My Conscious ~SELF with my Golden Eagle Divine SELF

26 March 2014

* ~ Recalibration of My Conscious ~SELF with my Golden Eagle Divine SELF~*

I SEE a flock of birds flying down towards me; as I concentrate

I SEE they are all golden, and their feathers are shining like diamonds; I look around and realise I am in a valley filled with fruit trees of all varieties. Everywhere I look there is an abundance of fruits hanging down from there branches

I SEE myself making my way to an open area filled with roses that are pink; then I hear the cry of the eagle; as I look up

I SEE them circling above my head and then they descend and land

I SEE there are exactly 12 on each side of me, making twenty four; they are huge and majestic looking

I SEE them being exactly the same height and they were eagles but completely golden with diamond blue, purple and jade green eyes; the eyes were the only difference from all of them, otherwise they were exactly the same

I SEE there eyes had slight variations of blue, purple and jade green; they all had huge wings with diamonds scattered all over there body, which made them sparkle

I SEE the feathers were a shiny golden and they were close to me; then all of a sudden

I SEE them lift there wings all at the same time making a canopy which spread to about 30metres in diameter

I SEE them shuffle sideways until they made a complete circle and surrounding me

I felt completely at peace, there eyes were soothing and made me relax; I had met one of these birds before but never twenty four

I SEE them all of a sudden cry out, “Aaaaw, ho, hooo, aaaaw ,ho, hooo”

I SEE them sing in synch and there cry got louder and louder; until I felt a vibration in my body which made me realise they were tuning my body to adjust the spiritual wealth I am going to receive

It made sense and during this chorus of singing from the eagles I remained calm and stood to receive

I SEE myself opening my body, this was my focus in my mind; I felt I opened my chest and let these eagles cleanse me from the inside

I SEE them shuffle clockwise slowly and they began to encircle me closer and closer; then I could not see any light but the birds shining diamonds on my body

I SEE myself being open to the elements and there mercy

I SEE all of a sudden there was nothing, I couldn’t SEE, it went totally dark; yet I felt the birds were still around me; I began to reach out with my hands, but I couldn’t see my hands; it was dark, really dark

I SEE myself being confused wondering what happened to the light then the most incredible thing happened

I SEE a golden light, shaped like a drop of water, drop and shine brightly above; it hovered and was like a bright lamp and it the darkness was no more

Its light was enough to fill any dark place; yet it was the size of a single drop, miniscule in size but enough to lighten the surrounding area

I SEE that there is nothing around me but the light of this golden drop

I SEE myself moving closer to it and raise my hand to touch it; and I did

Instantly the drop exploded and it rained glitter all over me; it was golden glitter of something. It reminded me of confetti of some kind and yet I felt I was being showered with praise

I SEE myself having accomplished a milestone and felt a burden inside of me being realised; I instantly felt lighter and even had a spring in my step

I SEE and felt my face glowing like this drop of golden light and realise that I was this drop

I was looking at my reflection and the drop was the golden light that was inside of me; I smiled and raise my hand to say thank you to the space that I was in

I SEE myself looking at my golden hands shining brightly into a place of darkness that was no more

I SEE myself wondering, why I could only SEE the shining light and nothing else; then all of a sudden

I SEE the golden birds appear suddenly and they were smiling approvingly as they moved several steps backwards and spread out. I could see the thousands of fruit all around the trees, pomegranates the size of a dinner plates to a massive water melon that was hanging from another tree

I SEE a huge tree of grapes with a variety of colours hanging down from a single tree

I SEE one of the golden birds say; “Indeed prosperity will come to you in a variety of ways, of YOUR choosing”; I smiled and then

I SEE everything disappearing slowly and the final sight of this majestic golden eagle with purple eyes still in my mind

I SEE everything fading away and I had finished

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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