21 March 2014


I SEE that I am riding a brilliant white horse; it is a shock to me as I have not ridden for a long time, since school; from the initial shock I compose myself and hold onto the main and sit upright

I SEE the horse’s hair is partly pleated and threaded in between is a diamond necklace, in fact there were three on either side and were all purple diamonds too

Then I notice the top of the head was symbol; as I concentrate it was a circular plaque a two feet in diameter. Inside were three figures of something, but they were all sparkling blue, could be a sapphire I thought

Incredibly I realise that I am on the biggest horse I have ever seen; the head must be at least three or four feet across;

I SEE that we a going fast across a ground filled with autumn leaves across a valley, with mountains on either side

The more we gallop down this plain, the more scenes begin to reveal itself

I SEE the horse begin to slow down and I can here him breath and even grunt; it all showed how powerful and strong this horse is

I SEE the horse come to a slow pace near a enormous pinkish or reddish diamond; then as I look upon it is began to change

I SEE in the beginning it is more like a rough rock but it soon began to shine and become polished

Then I noticed the diamond was like a perfectly cut stone from a jeweller; I get off the horse and pat and hug its head; I whispered thank you and went towards the diamond

I feel the horses head pushing me forward and nearer to the pink diamond

I SEE it as being twice my size and I touch the surface; immediately a person appears from no where

I SEE a man about my size, lean and tall wearing a pure white tunic and he had the same coloured pink diamond eyes; he smelt of roses and soon the scent was on me too

I SEE him gaze deeply and immediately my whole body begins to change; first my clothes became white and filled with the scent of roses; then internally I feel something strange

It felt like a horse was galloping around my body and wherever it went it completely woke my body up; made me alert and revitalised

My eyes too became awaken further and my hands felt differently too

I SEE him speak, “Dear One we have revitalised you and awaken the inner aspect of your SELF, so that you. It will serve you well in the coming weeks

Enjoy the fruits of your~SELF and ponder more and BE in the living.

The time is now that you SEE the LIGHT in you EXPAND and KNOW”

I SEE him pause and he raised his hand and gave me a small horse which I took gratefully. It was the same as the one I was riding

Then he put a necklace of purple diamonds around my neck, then another and another. In total he gave me seven then he put another nine slimmer pink diamond necklace too

I SEE him speak again, “Dear One your Heart is fully AWAKENED and galloping like the horse; so much is your inner strength

That you shine outwards and into the UNIVERSE”

He pauses again and then gives me an Olive branch that are filled with diamond olives in a green that is no where to be seen on earth

I SEE myself taking the branch and thought of Jesus and the Magdalena

I SEE him then smile and soon he walked into the pink diamond and disappears

I SEE everything fading away and I had finished

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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