EA014 - The Entry into and The Infusion of GAIA’S Cosmic Portal

14 March 2014

~The Entry into and The Infusion of GAIA’S Cosmic Portal~

I SEE a bowl filled with water and then another and another all around me; then I notice there are rose petals floating on the surface

As I concentrate I realise the bowls are all different sizes

I SEE the bowls there are exactly 72 of them and they are in three different colours

24 red, 24 purple and then 24 gold;

I SEE myself sitting down to one which was about two feet high; it is red and shiny. It has a gold trim around the top and base, a gold band about three inches around the middle

To my surprise there was a purple diamond which I did not see earlier; it is perfectly round and faceted, about the size of my hand

I SEE myself looking at the other bowls and they too had a band of either silver or gold and a jewel too; it made me think and wonder if it had something to do with my DNA

I stand up and walk around and in between the bowls, then a bowl with purple water was shining in the distance, I walk closer to it to look

I SEE the bowl is about three feet in diameter and two feet high; the water was indeed purple but as I got closer I realise it was not

There was a watery purple fluid that was dense and clear at the same time, that also projected shimmering lights after a couple of seconds; how unusual yet incredibly beautiful that is

I SEE a small cube behind the bowl, I go and pick it up; somehow I felt the purple bowl and this cube were connected; I sit down crossed and have a look at this cube

The cube was like a mother of pearl appearance yet there was a hint of purple on the surface and all the way around; then I realise that the bowl had actually mother of pearl water in it, it was best description I could give

I begin to examine this cube which was about one foot and completely weightless

I SEE the cube was a black spot near the corner and I touch and feel this spot; it was a black diamond and as soon as I touched it the cube pulled me inside, in a split second I was inside the cube

I SEE the sky as being mother of pearl and even the ground too, with a hint of purple; but this time the proportions are very different, it was like being in another planet, so huge this place was

I SEE I am indeed inside the cube

I SEE and hear running water and as I walk towards it

I SEE there is a stream of mother of pearl flowing, which is filled with oyster shells of all sizes; as I concentrate I began to see more

The stream was about three foot wide flowing at a steady speed and filled with oyster shells; then I notice one fully opened

I SEE a pearl inside it is purple and then I see another too, I move closer to have a look; but then an enormous mother of pearl about two feet in circular diameter fully opened

This had a cube inside in a bed of roses that were red, but the cube was purple, shiny like a diamond; I could see all this and they were all fully inside the water, wow I thought

I SEE myself sitting down opposite and close to this cube mother of pearl and then it began to rise out of the water and float towards me

I SEE myself moving backwards to make room

I SEE it is bigger then I thought at least six feet across

I SEE it float down to the ground and it began to vibrate; then I realise it was the same as my pulse

I SEE myself going inside the shell and sit down on the roses which fully filled the shell

I SEE the cube is about two feet high and it said to me, “Rest dear one, and let me fill you with light”

I SEE myself falling asleep on the roses

I SEE everything fading away and inside my body I could feel something inside

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2014


In your JOURNEY of the Inner Planets through your DNA in this VISION,

Your Understanding of DICHOTOMY expands incorporating YOU, Dear ONE ~

((DICHOTOMY means goes this way; something is this way unless it is not; something is not that way unless it is ~ and both of these are contained within as Light within Dark and dark within Light ~ it is divine design ~~

It is called POLAR CONSCIOUSNESS and yet like FORM and FORMLESSNESS that is ONE, all is ONE))

The wisdoms of ancient ancestors is being held deep within the Crystalline Grid of Gaia (the Akashic Earth Records)

And is a rich history of information from all life forms that have walked the Earth,

As well as the higher dimensional wisdoms of the Pleiades, Sirius and the Galactic Centre.

The Akashic light records unveil that our ancient ancestors were fully versed

In the different levels of DNA - the 13 levels of consciousness of our DNA.

The first two levels, relate to the 2 strands of physical DNA creating the double helix.

The next 11 levels relate to the 11 Energetic Bodies (auric levels) that surround the DNA.

Man is two-fold in his present form - he is mortal and at the same time immortal

With respect to the spirit-spark in his Deepest Inner~Core.

Through transfiguration, an immortal being arises out of this spark of Light

And manifests itself in the world of eternal life, and becomes ANCHORED in his Mortal SELF,

Trans~FORMING the very nature of his Mortality, in association with The Essence of GAIA ~

This 'I SEE' VISION is of Your Cosmic Harmonic Convergence and is very cleansing YOU

Of your human familial, societal, and religious overlay and Identity into which you are born

And has been brought up with as a shadow self that sticks before your PURE LIGHT that YOU ARE ~

WHO is emerging out of HIM, is The UNIFIER who connects the Mortal with The Im~Mortal ~

~ * The CUBE is Earth herself / her consciousness, that is where you anchor THE YOU ~

And yet this is also GAIA's Cosmic Portal / Gateway, too ~ simultaneously these are YOU at many levels of YOU,

That YOU are here to UNIFY with YOU as YOU Journey~ON, Dear One ~

~ * The ENTRY into the CUBE is a reminder for YOU to cherish as it points to YOU
For YOU to LOOK-to-SEE the CORE of all 4 directional presenting

Of all experiences in the mortal realms of your BE~ingness ~

YOU entered this portal through the vital DNA and Threefold FLAME portal of YOU ~

And here is INFUSION of the Cosmic Consciousness into YOU,

Which is required of YOU to ANCHOR to GAIA's CORE at all times ~

~ * as YOU enter this VISION, these bowls YOU SEE & encounter represents your various states of consciousness,

Coming to YOU as the PORTAL of ENTRY into your next nest version of YOU ~

The Three Colours that play great importance are RED, PURPLE & GOLDEN ~

~ * RED:  Grounding, Anchoring, Action, Stablizing, very energizing masculine energy of the human root chakra,

Awakening the Physical Life Force, is of determination and staying on course with Spiritual Seeking,

And hence Purple is seen right next to it ~

~ * PURPLE:  Encouraging Creative Pursuits to the Seeker of Inspiration and Originality

Through its Creative Endeavours, is The Divine Feminine Purple

Remaining unique and out of the crowd, a humanitarian touch with first blossoming into a Hue’MAN SELF One~SELF,

Combining Wisdom and Power with Sensitivity and Humility,

Purple is a Merge of The Self / RED & The Soul / Blue, birthing the third Expression of the GOLDEN BRILLIANCE ~

~ * GOLDEN:  Standing next in presentation is the very masculine Golden the colour of Victory, Triumph, Success

Of a Journeyer into his deep SELF~FINDING ~

Here is an AIR of Completeness. Despite the journey being over and the task being done, the dance of Life and Spirit continues.

LIFE presents itself to be sought anew and ventured unto in Birthing itself anew, always;

For as Divinity and spirit are interwoven in the figure of the World Dancer, so is Dichotomy DIVINE in Nature ~

For LIFE is its very OWN UNIFIER ~

~ * The PURPLE DIAMOND in the RED Bowl is The PINEAL in the Hue'MAN~Self, awakened through the CLARITY the Hue'MAN Self allows ~

The Pearlescent CUBE you come upon, beyond the Purple Bowl with purply clear fluid is The Radiance of The CORE of Mother~EARTH ~

Her CORE is the essence of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN which is also The CORE of YOU in Essence, Dear ONE,

Unto which you are led, by the BLACK Diamond in The CUBE, The Highest STAR~of~GUIDANCE

And your PORTAL of ORIENTATION of YOU in this Journey HOME unto The LIGHT that YOU ARE ~

Unto YOU as an INDIVIDUAL, The CUBE invokes a healing and release of all religious shadow imposed upon Your SOUL ~

The CUBE is a representation of the NEW Yeru~SHALOM (LAND of PEACE) awakening in YOU as YOU that you will ANCHOR;

For any LAND / Community can only arise from within of EACH~ONE constituting the Populace Consciously Creating & Co~Creating with All ~

The CUBE is the Core / Centre of The Cross of LIFE where as YOU enter YOU FIND the ROSE of The MAGDALEN / DIVINE COMPASSION,

Through the Portal of Your Heart ~

The CUBE is a pointer to The Ka’bah which is derived from the Arabic word KAB.

The Ka’bah is literally the “House of the Cube”, of HOUSING / GROUNDING / ANCHORING / STABILIZING WHO YOU ARE

Through release of the Shadow~Self unto The CORE, and not through the walking away from it ~

You’re Metatronic Pointer of Orientation & Convergence / Reminder of Your Journey HOME unto PRIME CONSCIOUSNESS,

Invoking Compassion in the bowl / jar of Consciousness that is YOU ~

For ALL unto The Mystery of LIFE, embedded, encoded, in the seeding of LIFE as FORM ~


Integrating your Mortal Hue'MAN~Self for the first time as he has agreed upon to ASCEND ~

~ * BLACK:  is a Pointer to That which is yet to be made KNOWN

And thusly made CONSCIOUS within YOU and hence it is a SEALED CONSCIOUSNESS,

Which YOU are here to open within YOU ~

Hidden from the world it is, as the World as a Collective in the rising is not quite ready in the receiving

Of all that the MYSTERY has to REVEAL itself unto ~

What is being revealed unto YOU, is for the Hue'MAN Self that is part of YOU in this Journey ~

The WISDOM of the DIVINE FEMININE that PRIMORDIAL CONSCIOUSNESS is her capacity to HOLD herself within as LIFE, LIGHT & LOVE

And not radiating it out to all of LIFE, before other forms and expressions are ready to receive & digest what they receive ~

For what is UN~KNOWN terrifies many Dear ONE, as the jars they are each find it unable to hold within and decipher each day

For the daily intake of WISDOM from within ~ What YOU can assimilate is your potion to ingest from The LIGHT that YOU ARE ~

NON~READINESS in many finds then being so unable to respond to the inner~CALL within,

Nor to the Environment outside, that The Quantum that LEAPS ONE into a higher level of Expression in not being expressed,

Pushing them to resist / deny / withdraw / remove from coming to LIGHT into the MOTHER~ness within,

Or to come falling in dependence upon YOU and a RELIANCE that removes their power away from them, in their investing in YOU ~

YOU......are here to create a LEADERSHIP, in which YOU re ~ TURN people back unto themselves,

So many are happy to LEAD themselves HOME unto GREAT MOTHER, in this Journey of ALLIANCE ~

And hence Dear Hue'MAN, Be not on FIRE and go blazing every~ONE up;

For the WRATH of the LAMB in YOU, has awakened YOU to YOU,

Which will awaken all others unto themselves in their own time and space ~

Handle all of CONSCIOUSNESS with great care, not of what others requires,

But of an AWARE PRESENCE that requires nothing of them, but to be;

Let none be thwarted through... promptings to opening from within unto which they are not ready ~

And YOU are here, to face that which is UNKNOWN and UNREVEALED (BLACK) within YOU


Also KNOW this Dear ONE, that the Mystery has no power over YOU

Nor has it a choice of its own to reveal and not of itself unto YOU or any~ONE ~

It is ONE's Deep Yearning with Pure INTENT and readiness of the depth of the Container they are,

That brings the mystery unto them deciphered through their own WISDOM, INSIGHT, DISCERNMENT, INTUITION ~

For WISDOM cannot be hammered unto any Containers of Consciousness that The Hue'MAN Selves are ~

Nor does any seed they are sprout without the GROUND / EARTH Essence of theirs being READY in the JOURNEY ~

This is vital for YOU to KNOW ~

For that which is into YOU through The Metatronic LIGHT does not sprout unless you ANCHOR / GROUND / STABILIZE YOU,

At each invocation, inspiration, infusing, initiation in this Journey through your VISIONS ~

~ * a stream of mother of pearl flowing, which is filled with oyster shells of all sizes, where the Oyster Shell opens,

Is YOUR INFINITE POTENTIALS of BE~ingness that YOU encounter that opens unto you as you BECAME READY ~

For R-E-A-D-I-N-E-S-S is Vital to all of LIFE, as LIFE reads for the READINESS in the other, in all UNIFYING ~

Readiness cannot be prompted, or nudged unto Dear ONE, for it is a happening of a process that each ONE is ~

~ * Notice here Dear One, that you began this Journey into this 'I SEE' VISION,

With a RED BOWL with Purple DIAMOND in it, and an ENTRY into the MYSTERY (Black~Pointer) that YOU are,

And winding up with a an enormous Mother of Pearl opening itself unto YOU,

Which has a PURPLE CUBE inside in a bed of Red Roses / The Redeemed Hue'MAN Self back unto itself all anew ~

YOU resting here is very significant and noteworthy for YOU, that YOU ANCHOR your Upgrading / Initiation of all LIGHT Infusions,

Into your Hue'MAN Self and unto the CORE of GAIA, which alone can MOVE the wounded shadow self of a VICTIM

To the CLARIFIED FLOWING MOTHER OF COMPASSION unto Your Hue'MAN in the experience, as the INTERFACE of The DIVINE ~

For WISDOM cannot be hammered unto any Containers of Consciousness that the Hue'MAN Selves are ~

Nor does any seed they are sprout without the GROUND / EARTH Essence of theirs being READY in the JOURNEY ~

This is vital for YOU to KNOW ~

For that which is into YOU through The Metatronic LIGHT does not sprout unless you ANCHOR / GROUND / STABILIZE YOU,

At each invocation, inspiration, infusing, initiation in this Journey through your VISIONS ~

YOU resting here is very significant and noteworthy for YOU, that YOU ANCHOR your Upgrading / Initiation of all LIGHT Infusions,

Into your Hue'MAN Self and unto the CORE of GAIA, which alone can MOVE the wounded shadow self of a VICTIM

To the CLARIFIED FLOWING MOTHER OF COMPASSION unto Your Hue'MAN in the experience, as the INTERFACE of The DIVINE ~

~* the dysfunctional archetype of the Root Chakra is the VICTIM,

The VICTIM state broadcasts helplessness, ignorance, unwillingness to move on,

And in general it is the NON~READINESS, thusly One remaining unable to respond to the inner~CALL within

Nor to the Environment outside or the Quantum that LEAPS ONE into a higher level of Expression.
The victim feels helpless, stuck in a state of fear, with no sense of empowerment.

Being a victim is paralyzing on the psyche and the body,

And yet is a choice of the soul that sought into the mortal experience so as to Trans~FORM the Self with the help of THE SELF ~

For the BALANCING of both emotionally and physically,

It is essential to GROUND these feelings and to R-E-C-O-N-N-E-C-T with EARTH,

So that she will Mirror The SLEEPING MOTHER~ness in YOU, unto which YOU are invoked to awaken,

This Dear ONE is most vital lesson & gift for all GAIANS living on this planet,

In their individual Journey in their own WILLINGNESS, time and space ~

Hook not unto The MOTHER~ness Mirror in any~ONE, thusly give your POWER away without LOVE for SELF and lack of WISDOM,

But look within YOU to SEE that this MOTHER~ness is The YOU in The BE~COME~ing ~

INVOKE MOTHER~ness within ~

Thusly YOU become a HEALED RENEWED ADAM KADMON ~ The NEW SEED of LIGHT, in its sprouting anew, as LIFE ~

~ * Many a Hue’MAN may not realize that they carry traces of the victim mentality within their personality,

That becomes at times a Perpetrator re-enacting the same cycle endlessly ~
VICTIM and PERPETRATOR from within can emerge during times of stress or crisis.
If Hue’MAN are to stop and experience the feelings

Through allowing sitting with their inner terrain with calm, honesty and loving for themselves,

They may be surprised at the depths of the anger, fear, resentment, and frustration they carry inside them,

That they unconsciously throw all around to sprout,

Cultivating only weeds of unconsciousness of non~Service for One's Highest Good Manifesting ~

Rather than being a victim of circumstance,

Or having a DNA expression that is the result of living in an environment based on a paradigm of fear,

BE THE POTENT~ONE / Potential to stand outside of the boxes of this world and express Your DNA to its Highest Potential.

~ *  The healthy archetype of the Root Chakra is THE MOTHER.

Notice here Dear Hue'MAN...... that The Mother does not ever mean a female or a male

In their role fulfilling or any form that expresses MOTHER~ness,

BUT the CORE STATE of YOUR very own BE~ingness at its PUREST PEARLESCENT FLOW into your Mortal Hue'MAN, healing its mortality ~

MOTHER.... points to the requirement in this Journey to MOTHER~ONESELF ~

And in this, your PURE INTENT is your TOKEN you GIVE

And your TAKE on YOU in what YOU gave unto YOU, is MOTHER~ness invoked within YOU, for YOU ~

It is not ever to assign an(y) other the responsibility of Mothering YOU nor for YOU to go around MOTHER~ing others ~

And as YOU learn to care for YOU, here is a celebration of the Unified Spirit,

With GAIA, with Your Wounded & Now~Healed Mortal~SELF, with Radiance of the SUN, beyond the SUN beyond SUNS,

And all of COSMOS in the Nurturing Compassion YOU are BE~COMING unto YOUR Mortal~SELF in the Hue'MAN Experience ~

Radiance of DIVINITY encompasses the dancer that is YOU ~
The Mother represents your ability to nourish and look after the life force within YOU,
With LOVE for SELF, with care, sensitivity, discernment & BALANCE.

Integrating this MOTHER~ness from within is essential for The Expansion of the Mortal Hue'MAN Interface,
So as for YOU to take care of YOU and to RESPECT your own needs along with others' needs

Which YOU em~POWER them to meet with and not do it for them & to not place you repeatedly over lifetimes on the BACKBURNER ~

Not only do you we stop projecting your needs onto the world around you

But ALSO very VITAL it is for YOU to enable SELF~Empowering in all others around YOU,

So that they are able to look after themselves, as how you allowed YOU ~ or else,

YOU are creating DEPENDENCE and thusly (AVOID themselves) emotional and mental crippling in the ONEs around YOU ~

~ * For the JOURNEY is to come upon YOU as LIGHT

And BE~ing LIGHT is A DIVINE ABILITY to Respond to itself in various forms through dimensions,

AS IS REQUIRED in the MOMENT with spontaneity and non~fixation ~

Integrate & Fuse your Hue'MAN Interface with the YOU,

And go journeying yet again, as NEW DIVINE~HUE'MAN,

Journeying as HOME.....away from~HOME ~ Making HOMES through Dimensions ~

In this VISION INFUSION Dearest ONE, this DIVINE LIGHT of MOTHER in YOU as YOU is to be grounded to the CORE of GAIA

As SHE is Mother in Essence of the DIVINE housing the Hue'MAN Mortal LIFE Forms in Experience as DIVINE INTERFACE ~

Know this Dearest ONE, that Nothing else has power over YOU from NOW~ON, except that which you will allow through your inner~MAKING ~

When Integrated within with YOUR LIGHT, there is nothing YOU can allow over YOU, as there is nothing that LIGHT is not ~

And yet in your Mortal Self delving unto The DUAL~Takes of LIFE, creating drift and separation that is seemingly so,

What you create and disown in this separation / division, (Di~VISION / dual~VISION = The Seeingness that creates),

Will look YOU in your FACE so as for YOU to shed the Compassion of The LIGHT YOU ARE,

Upon the Mortal Hue'MAN Self that is your interface for your DIVINE that YOU,

Thusly trans~FORMING and taking it to the CORE of The LIGHT that YOU ARE, Dear One, as a UNIFIER yet again ~

A Sector in Your Journey as SPIRIT in Hue'MAN Form has ended in joy

Through the Infusion of Spirit into every aspect of YOUR Individual's Life imparting YOU with New Understanding through NEW SEE~ing.

~ * CELEBRATE...........the UNIFIED~SPIRIT-that-is-YOU-with-Matter-that-is-part-of-YOU ~

Em~BRACE MOTHER~EARTH..... Through Em~Bracing the MOTHER~ness in YOU, Dear Red~MAN ~

((Red~MAN means Adam Kadmon, is the RED MAN, the original Earth Blue Print for Hue’MAN Self))

INVOKE~The~Mother within....

DECLARE~Divine~Mother Through your Mortal Expression, towards your Mortal Expression thusly immortalizing it ~

YOU.......are The Potential, to turn ‘on’ Your Light Codes within and Awaken

Those aspects of Your DNA that are ‘asleep’ / yet to be activated.

YOU.......are The Possibility; YOU.......are The Presence;

Yours.......is The Free~WILL, Dear Heart ~ Journey~ON ~

And so I SEE.... and so it is ~ *