EA013 - The Golden Bird and My Journey Beyond~the~Matrix

08 March 2014

~ * The Golden Bird and  My Journey Beyond~the~Matrix * ~Part 2

I SEE the golden bird once again and it is beside me

I SEE it gazing at me and straight away I feel totally relaxed; it comes closer and with its beak it puts a necklace of gold around my neck

I SEE the necklace covers the whole of my chest and it is a necklace with seven upper chains of gold then five lower chains of gold all interlaced and connected with a pattern which is totally indescribable

I SEE the bird then from its wings get a single diamond out and place it in my ear; then from the other wing another diamond for the other ear

I SEE the bird then from its mouth a purple diamond appeared and then placed it in my mouth, which then quickly dissolved into my body

I SEE myself wondering what the bird was doing, and then my higher self reminded me to be patient and silent, so I was

I SEE the bird place carefully place two blue diamonds up my nostrils; it then flapped its wings slowly and I could feel its breeze and then immediately the smell of roses

I SEE the bird then drop shoes for me to wear; they were feathered and golden too, made from the feathers from the bird

I SEE myself wearing the shoes

I SEE the bird then embrace me with its wings and my head began to tingle and a buzz was in my head, which soon passed away

I SEE the bird then moved backwards slowly and said, “Enjoy the gifts Dear Soul, they are for YOU and for your Insight”

I said thank you and then the bird slowly flew away

I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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