EA011 - The Elevation of my Mental Body into Higher~MIND

07 March 2014

~ * The Elevation of my Mental Body into Higher~MIND * ~

I SEE a bubble floating upwards to the sky and soon it disappears in the distance; as I look down I realise I am in a yellow path that is made of bricks, but it looks different

I SEE myself going down to examine and feel this unusual path; I soon realise they were not bricks but different coloured opaque diamond bricks

Then I realise that the yellow colour was actually yellow light flashing inside these diamond bricks; so difficult to explain as I have never seen such a path before

I SEE myself getting up and as I concentrate there is a forest and waterfall ahead, I head in the same direction

As I walk two birds swoop down and drop leaves on my path and where I was treading; this happened several times and each time they dropped exactly eight leaves

I SEE myself continuing walking and I decide to catch the leaves on one occasion; as I catch the leaves two and three at a time, the leaves a very fresh and smooth in texture

To my surprise they each had a letter on them; they were P, A, A, G, T, W, L and A again. They were embossed at the back of the leaf; I wondered what they could mean

I SEE myself arriving at the forest and facing this waterfall

I SEE in the pool of the waterfalls thousands of leaves all golden and shining too; as I look closer and sit down, they were similar to the ones I was carrying

I SEE myself looking at the leaves I caught earlier and to my surprise they had turned golden too exactly the same as the ones in the pool.

I decide to place the leaves in the pool; as I do the water turns golden. Somehow I started a change in the colour of the water and soon the waterfall was pouring golden water too

I SEE myself touching this water and it was gold and so fine, like silk to the touch; it was incredible to see; cheekily I put my feet in, thinking they might turn gold too

I SEE myself wading in the golden pond with my arms touching the surface in about waist deep. I was in heaven and had a grin on my face.

I decide to wash myself and bathe

I SEE all of a sudden a golden bird swoop down and just hover over the water as though it came to look. It was big, same size as me perhaps and everything was golden, even its wings

I SEE it open its mouth and gently place a golden pebble in my hand and then another; as it did my head began tingling and buzzing

Then it spoke and said, “come back later there is no need to rush”

I SEE myself nodding and relaxed and let my mind empty of all the things I have to do during the day. I took a deep breath and listened to my heart; I realised that my mind had wondered off into the world and needed to be back to my insight and higher consciousness

I SEE myself concentrating again and the golden bird smiled and spoke again, “Be free as you are free; some may wonder and give insight that does not serve or nourish your BEING, so be YOU as you have always been”

I SEE myself relaxing and being at eased, the rush of the world had certainly tired me and it was time that I spent time for ME

I SEE the bird come closer and closer and stared into my eyes; I could feel the energy and intensity of its gaze into my eyes. My eyes then flickered and blinked several times as I felt this golden bird was correcting my sight
I SEE the bird then flap its wings and with this came a rush of energy straight through the body

I SEE the bird flap again this time much slowly and open its eyes again; this went on for several minutes as I was being cleansed and tuned to the Chakric higher senses

I SEE the bird move away and scoop some water from the pool, come back and poured it over my head; but this pour was like a waterfall and I was thoroughly soaked but felt all refreshed

I SEE the bird then spoke, “no go and follow the cube”

I SEE myself waking up and out of my vision, knowing that it referred to Metatronic cube

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2014


Dearest ONE, in this 'WIZARD of OZ pathwalk' here through the YELLOW BRICK PATH in this VISION,

Know this that the Hue'MAN Element is always necessary enhancer present in the JOURNEY to ANCHOR the DIVINE

And hence YOU are present in your Hue'MAN Vest / TEMPLE at Present in this Transition ~

And that every other element / aspect you encounter is also aspects of YOU from within looking into YOU,

So as for you to INTEGRATE as YOU walk into the EMERALD CITY (Heart Balance) beyond this Golden Brick Path ~

The path YOU walk is filled with joyful experiences, challenges,

forks in the road and occasional road blocks to help YOU gain experience.

This Experience is being contributed to YOU BE~ing at your next transit point

with YOUR SOUL / LIGHT in this Journey of the Hue'MAN Trans~FORMATION ~

We remind YOU here Dear ONE, that an individual who is consciously walking the PATH of SPIRIT that HE or SHE is,

will have to ENCOUNTER the dark~side of Hue'MAN~Self at some point, in the “journey HOME.”

The encounters upon the “opposing of duality within” that are part of our evolutionary development.

This duality is first and foremost the one that always exists between the Soul (INVISIBLE with a WILL unto LIGHT)

and the personality (VISIBLE~Self with a will of its own away from WILL unto LIGHT);

It is through Transcendence that UNION can be of the SOLAR PLEXUS, the YELLOW CENTRE ~

THE SOUL corresponds to the circulation of the Sun’s Vitality & RADIANCE, who is a submitter unto SUNS beyond SUNS ~

The solar plexus is linked to lower~self-Preservation and of the Survival of the E~GOIC MIND, the Lower~Self.

Solar Plexus is also the Seat of the Astral or Dense-Desire Energy Field.

Moving strongly within the identification with your five senses

especially in terms of satisfying the dense-desire Instinctual Nature, upon which the Majority dwells.

So...... OBSERVE (SERVE Objectively unto YOU) Dear One, all of the “expression of the personality or temperament,”

The Sun / SOUL is the giver of all LIFE LIGHTFULLY & Self~lessly and its vitality is The PRANA / VITAL LIFE~Force ~

~ *  COLOUR YELLOW imparts qualities of the thinking MIND that gets clouded by its own thought process ~:

Yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun;

inspires original thought and inquisitiveness within, enthusiasm & optimism.

Yellow points to a practical thinker, lover of mental challenges, and shows a journeyer unto mental expanse ~

Yellow helps focus, study and recall information,

and yet in the lack of blue, since it is highly-visible and vibrates higher

and generates faster pace which is uncomfortable to many,

it can cause anxiety and agitation and generate lack of LOVE for SELF ~

Yellow brings up the self~worth issues and One’s Perception of what others think or take of ONE~Self

and it has a tendency to make you more mentally analytical and critical of SELF & Others

as it is non~Emotional and purely mental energy coming from the head/thinking alone ~

WHAT……..is your YELLOW~Brick~ROAD of Blessings, Dear ONE?

For The TRUE~YOU is beyond all academics and analyticals, Dear ONE ~

For LOGIC is never WISDOM ~ For REASON~ing is never~LOVE ~

And this YELLOW BRICK PATH is for the CLEARANCE of all these


~ *  It is the journey of a lifetimes through Road Blocks, Cross~Roads, Challenges and Forks in the road are presented as variances

to help YOU heal and re~TURN unto YOU and the path YOU chose before YOU chose YOUR current this Hue'MAN Body~Vessel.

YOU meet untruths that are deeply hidden within Your psyche

and some of these YOU have falsely believed to be YOUR own truth.

One of the biggest challenges is to find out which of Your “beliefs” is really Your truth or someone else’s,

that has been taught to YOU or is in current practice being broadcasted from those around YOU,

that you were brought up with that YOU never questioned, Dear ONE ~

And hence this GOLDEN BIRD is staring YOU in your EYES ~

For this BIRD is YOU yet to enter Your GOLDEN~ness / BENEVOLENCE through your Hue'MAN Trans~FORMATION ~

And yet............to QUEST~ION anything is to be on QUEST of the I~up~ON it

from your inherent curiosity to KNOW beyond what is seemingly so ~

And this alone Dear ONE, can YOU bring unto Your Hue'MAN upon the QUEST as the I~Consciousness ~

It is what YOU believe to be true about Yourself that will be YOUR stepping stone.  

and yet..........it is not necessary to BELIEVE anything

but TRUST in the Process of LIFE and BE WILLING to QUEST~ON and Up~ON ~

~ *  THE WIZARD of OZ~Path:

As The JOURNEYER that YOU are, DOER-of-THY~Higher-most-WILL, along the Yellow Brick Path,

the scarecrow, tin-man and lion are inside of YOU and are a part of YOU that YOU encounter.

Presented to YOU by LIFE / Uni~VERSE to help you UNCOVER the false beliefs you hold that is of dis~Service

and thusly trans~FORM the Hue'MAN You as often as you skip along this path ~  

~ * The scarecrow represents your thoughts and intellect,

What Thoughts and Beliefs of YOU held YOU in stuck~Mode of the MIND?

What is being entertained behind the wall of your perception?

What do YOU tell~YOU in your own head?

What are the MONOLOGUES within YOU that YOU are not conscious of and yet unconsciously cooking up within?

YOU are here on this path to release just those, Dear ONE ~

~ * The tin-man represents your identity and self-worth;

How is your repeated thoughts and beliefs of un~WORTHINESS contributed by others and yourself in your LIFE,

Contributing NOW to walk short of Heartfulness if at all, Dear ONE ~ EXPLORE / QUEST~Upon ~

What thoughts of YOU that held against YOU did the dis~SERVICE of finding YOU in your LOVELESSNESS for YOU?

Witness this within.....and release it along the GOLDEN PATH leading unto the GOLDEN WATER ~

Bathing in this GOLDEN WATERS mean em~BRACE all of YOU and start LOVING all of YOU, for YOU are WORTH it ~

Empty your head and allow the LOVE in your HEART to grow and grow

until it surrounds YOU like a bubble (the floating bubble that YOU SEE at the beginning of this I SEE VISION)

For What you believe about yourself is what you show others unconsciously, which they return unto YOU ~

So Dear ONE...... release your BELIEFS about YOU and others

and all beliefs and disbeliefs imposed upon you in your upbringing and societal effects

ongoing unconsciously as you are part of the collective,

QUEST~ion each belief/disbelief and SEE how it serves~NOT, as YOU release them;

For example, U-N-W-O-R-T-H-I-N-E-S-S as well as L-A-C-K & I-N-A-D-E-Q-U-A-C-Y

is a false BELIEF that can hold YOU unworthy of YOUR DIVINE,

whose disbelief is the BELIEF itself,

in YOU not being able to BELIEVE YOU are WORTHY is itself your DISBELIEF @dis~Service unto YOU ~

~ * And the lion represents your Empowered-SELF, the part of you that is CERTAIN, NOBLE, STRONG, BRAVE & COURAGEOUS.

A LION / LIONESS......does now BELIEVE in anything but TRUSTS in HIM / HER in the every~NOW ~

For BELIEF in part of LIFE creates automatic unconscious DISBELIEF in the rest of LIFE

thusly YOU are dividing & separating the WHOLE YOU ~

FACE LIFE form your em~POWERED SELF within ~

For what you believe about your strength is what you give strength to,

and yet...... As YOU~TRUST on in YOU and the Process that LIFE is,

YOU are in~your~most~empowered~SELF of STRENGTH

at all times to face LIFE as it unfolds through YOU and in YOU, as YOU ~

For any obstacle you encounter is a GIFT unto KNOWING YOURSELF at many levels, Dear ONE ~

WHO YOU ARE..........is what YOU NEED ~ And so, as YOU become needy in the Journey look unto WHO YOU ARE ~

KNOW thy~SELF & thy~Self so as for YOU to KNOW WHO YOU ARE ~

Dorothy (YOU, The DOER-of-THY-WILL / The DOOR-of-THY-WILL) on her WAY to FINDING HOME,

meets with the seemingly Cowardly Lion,

while traveling on the Yellow Brick Road.

The LION aspect of YOU tells YOU, that True courage is not in flying away from situations of LIFE,

but in facing any CHALLENGE when you are most afraid…

ROAR....yet come forward to face it, so that YOU can move on as The Journey ~

Alas..... The Yellow Brick Road (Acquired Knowledge, Mental Agility , Perception) of the solar plexus,  

Will lead YOU unto the EMERALD CITY of the HEART, as YOU QUEST~ON and CLARIFY~ON ~

~ *  For Dearest ONE, there is no TRUE ABANDONMENT other than abandoning by SELF ~

and the Self abandonment is a choice that YOU can always release by EMBRACING YOU with LOVE ~

Let your Hue'MAN Self be divinely guided by THE LIGHT that is YOU ~

And REVEAL itself along the PATH YOU WALK,

And divinely INTERVENE along your life path as is required on Your Journey HOME unto YOU ~

~ *  YOU are walking this YELLOW~Brick PATH so as for YOU to KNOW:

*  Where and how the desires for the self-preservation of the personality have to be transmuted into the desires of the soul.

*  Where & how the battle of the lower self begins at the HIGHER~SELF within.

*  Where the ATTACHMENT to the lower self that keeps YOU


*  Where can YOU consciously bring all of YOU into the FUSION and UNION of the personality and the soul


Letters can be converted into numbers ~

numbers themselves transmit information from higher realms and orders of information

into the lower plains as one can get the most CLARITY of MIND as One deciphers Higher~TRUTH ~

Merge Mathematics and Spirituality and YOU can relate them directly to the human being in Expression.

~ *  PHI / Golden MEAN (The word “mean” is defined as “occupying a position between two extremes”

and it is within this number that all of nature blooms into magnificence.)

= a key to unlock the door to certain universal truths within the sacredness of the Heavens and Earth.

 “Whoever cultivates the golden mean avoids both the poverty of the hovel and the envy of the palace.” – Horace

The ratio of Phi is understood mathematically as the total length “a + b”

is to the length of the longer segment “a” as the length of “a” is to the length of the shorter segment “b”.

This proportion of Golden~Ratio is expressed on the human body.

From the bottom of your feet to your navel equals 1 and the navel to the top of your head equals .618,

making you, the complete man, approximately 1.618.

From your elbow to your wrist equals 1 and your wrist to the end of your middle finger equals .618,

making your complete arm, roughly 1.618.

The Vitruvian Man: This ratio constructs the Hue'MAN Body~Temple

and is a tool to help ONE recognize that the Hue'MAN BE~ing is indeed a BALANCED CREATION

or is The MEAN between the two extremes of the as above and the so below.

Dear Hue'MAN......Know this that YOU.... are the central balancing node between the Heavens above and the Earth below.

The Golden Mean is a ratio to help establish meaning in your life.

It is there to help you understand this world rationally.

~ *  " In order to come to an UNDERSTANDING of this world,

you first need to know what you are STANDING UNDER

and what is UNDER what you are STANDING on – and these are of course the Heavens and the Earth.

By contemplating these two eternal concepts YOU may just come to the UNDERSTANDING

that they balance each other by nothing more and nothing less than yourself.” – Claudia Pavonis

If there is a pathway 'Out of the Box', then truly the Golden Mean Energy holds the key.

2 Birds x 8 leaves = 8 twice

8 x 8 = 64 (64 evenly spaced tetrahedrons in this structure)

although a tetrahedron is the minimum geometry required in order to attain the 3rd level of existence,

the tetrahedron itself is actually derived from the Cube, meaning that the Cube is the perfect form.

B) Deciphering The Letters on the 8~Leaves: P, A, A, G, T, W, L, A

Peace - Awakening - Attribute - Gravitating - Through - Wakeful - Love - Audaciously

= The Purpose & Revelation of Your JOURNEY through this VISION for Your Hue'MAN~Self ~

That YOU....are The PEACE~Awakening~Attribute that Gravitates through The Wakeful~LOVE so audaciously / fearlessly ~


Nested within and recurring limitlessly, the cube is contained within the octahedron [eight sided platonic solid]

while the octahedron is also contained within the cube, called the 6X8 or the 8X8 or the Magic Cube.
It is called the Magic Cube because it is the definition of 3D.

Being the 8X8 or 64, the I Ching provides instruction for existing in the Third Dimension.

Metatron's Cube is a geometrical figure, within which YOU are able to observe the Cube-Tetrahedron relationship ~

The tetrahedron represents the basic self, regardless of age or gender.

But the tetrahedron itself exists within the Cube—that is to say,

within the 4-corner life metamorphosis (baby, child, parent, grandparent),

and between the Cube's two static opposites (male and female)

which are all stages of LIFE the Hue'MAN~Self goes through, which YOU witness so as to release what does not serve YOU,

In YOU unifying The Hue'MAN with The DIVINE LIGHT that is YOU, Dear One ~

A BALANCED CYCLE through all emotions is what gives YOU the best life-perspective in The JOURNEY.

~ * Metatron’s Cube represents the gridwork of YOUR Consciousness and the framework of Your Uni~VERSE.

It is the STRUCTURE in which everything is CONTAINED in Your 3~Dimensional BE~ing.

The energy of love is located in the heart of the Metatron Cube held within Hollow Earth.  

It is also within Hollow Earth where the Divine blue print is held for Mother Earth.

Earth is headed back to her GOLDEN AGE, Dear ONE & so are YOU ~

For this, Your heart must be open to receive the LOVE of COSMOS for YOU through YOU loving all of YOU.

You must forgive and release all that does not serve you anymore, that is within YOUR Hue'MAN~Self.  

This is what YOUR A-S-C-E-N-S-I-O-N in this In~BREATH of calling LIFE HOME~Ward is about;

literally turning DENSE~Hue'MAN into LIGHT and shedding all that is not light (Density),

and Your Life as YOU know it and live it now, will change for YOU ~

Hollow Earth is a beautiful seventh dimensional paradise like no other.  

And so Dearest ONE, ENTER this COSM~ic Chakra / CUBE that holds DIVINE COMPASSION & LOVE

and all the ancient knowledge of Mother Earth ~

As The DIVINE Counter-Part to YELLOW is PURPLE / VIOLET,

YOU MAY use the VIOLET~Flame to transmute everything

that does not serve your highest and best good, and that does You great Dis~Service ~

and so Dearest ONE, WE implore unto YOU to BECOME of the HIGHEST PUREST INTENT,

so as for YOU to ACCESS the love of the planet that is held

@The CORE of the Metatron Cube and watch Your Hue'MAN~Self be engulfed in bliss of The DIVINE ~

APPLY your Heart unto Your Dense Hue'MAN~Self in its Journey unto Trans~FORMATION ~ BE KIND UNTO IT ~

for KINDNESS = Compassion of YOUR High Heart

For The BIRD that is YOU, The SOUL~Aspect that YOU ARE, showed KINDNESS unto Your Hue'MAN,

As YOU were not READY yet to receive the instructions to FOLLOW the CUBE ~

So must YOU be KIND unto YOU, Dear ONE ~

Thusly AWAKEN~ing Your MIND to Higher~LOVE ~

And so WE SEE ~ and so it is ~~ *