EA010 - The Light~BODY Infusion into My Physical Body

02 March 2014

~ * The Light~BODY Infusion into My Physical Body ~ *

I SEE a river flowing in the middle of an open space that is all blue; as I concentrate the river is white like milk and in the middle is a golden river flowing too

So two rivers one white and another flowing in the middle of that river; it looks like honey golden

I SEE the blue sky and all around me are distance stars; even in the ground I could see stars, so far away they are, just sparkling brightly

I SEE all of a sudden an enormous STAR shining brightly about twenty feet away from me. It is an octahedron, a diamond star just hovering over the middle golden river

Then as soon as I start looking deeply at it, it began to rotate slowly at first then it was going faster and faster

I SEE it is spinning like a top and I can clearly hear the sound of a hurricane; at incredible speed it began to rotate, then

I SEE the river began to get sucked into this diamond and I could see clearly a funnel of white water leading to the diamond as it swallowed it in whole and soon disappeared

I watched in silence, as the diamond slowly started swallowing the huge river; yet the size of this diamond did not change or its clarity; I thought to myself where did all the fluid go?

I SEE that I am still watching in eagerness then after a while the whole river was all gone

Then it began to glow brightly and slow down

I SEE the diamond had finally changed colour and it was golden and in the middle is a clear but smaller diamond that looked much like an eye, such was the shape of it

I SEE the golden diamond rest on the ground and I walk closer to it

I SEE to my surprise it had sprouted roots and I could see it growing rapidly and anchoring itself into the ground

I SEE large roots that had grown rapidly and then anchored itself all around me, such was the speed of growth; It was exactly like a trees roots all sticking out; yet they were all above the ground

I SEE the golden diamond still shining brightly

I SEE a trickle of water coming from one side of the diamond then it became a flow; after a while the flow increased and kept increasing.

Soon the flow had created a river as wide as ten feet across but this river was golden with a white smaller line flow in the middle; the opposite of what I saw in the beginning of my vision.

How beautiful yet incredible sight I was witnessing

I SEE myself coming closer to the diamond and sit down by the river; I put my feet in the water and leaned back into the diamond.

I could feel the warmth and intensity all around me, coming from both the golden river then the diamond.

I SEE words flowing on the river, then complete sentences

It read;

“Dear One, be not afraid for the amplitude of the golden paradigm in your heart is open to the OPEN UNIVERSE

See the flow in your eyes for it flows across the universe

You are the anchor and sight of a LIGHT that is UNIQUE, for it surrounds you and is YOU

You have indeed conquered the woes of the past and walk clearly in the LIGHT that is golden and white

Let YOU be YOU and watch and SEE the unfolding of your spiritual aspect into a new FLOW that is golden

Now enter and bathe in these golden waters”

I SEE myself going into the water and submerge myself

I SEE everything fading away and my vision has finished. I could feel myself to be made of gold, how strange!

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2014


~ *  Dearest ONE, in this JOURNEY of The LIGHT that is YOU descending upon You, entering The Hue'MAN~Self

Trans~FORMING that Who You Are in the Dense Realms of Expressions,

As YOU come upon YOU as LIGHT, remember that BE~ing LIGHT is A DIVINE ABILITY

to Respond to itself in various forms through dimensions of Your Selves

in varied expressions all from ONE~CORE Primordial Expression,

Expressed AS IS REQUIRED in the MOMENT with spontaneity and non~fixation ~

Integrate & Fuse your Hue'MAN Interface with The YOU,

And go Journeying yet again, as NEW DIVINE~HUE'MAN,

Journeying as HOME.....away from~HOME ~ Making HOMES through Dimensions ~

Expressing through dimensions from The CORE~BE~ingness of YOU ~

~ *  The White & Golden Rivers flowing in the middle of a BLUE open space that is all blue;

The BLUE is your ability to RESPOND unto YOUR varied selves through dimensions in The Highest~MOST Possibility of Expression,

Embedded and Ingrained / Seeded within YOU, offering YOU with an Expansive FREEDOM to be your Highest Most SELF as You Choose ~

BLUE enhances and inspires SELF-Expression; BLUE imparts with ability

to contemplate / reflect as YOU express / communicate YOU, with YOU and Others,

as it empowers YOU to enter into the subconscious mind to release

that which does not serve and that which negates YOU from your Hue'MAN~Self,

and to expand your consciousness thusly wherein YOU remain AWAKE~unto and AWARE. ~




& COMPASSION unto YOU (GOLDEN) flow into YOU

unto The PINEAL offers YOUR Hue'MAN~Self:

Opens blocked energy channels and stimulates neurotransmitters,

Relief for Vertigo / spaciness / any misalignment and non alignment of your mind and emotions with THE LIGHT that is YOU,

Improves Memory, Raises Immunity, Activates Metabolism,

Expands Perception and Intuition, Improves upon availability of Grace and Kindness in your expression unto YOU & Others,

Thusly DIVINITY begins to FLOW and EXPRESS in the Hue'MAN~Self of YOU,

releasing its older expressions of non~Service to the LIGHT that YOU ARE, Dear ONE ~

~ *  White indicates the completion of a cycle in your life

and offers an inner cleansing and purifying of your thoughts, emotions

and ultimately aligning YOU with Your SPIRIT,

refreshing and strengthening Your Entire Energy System,

Imparting EFFICIENCY unto your Hue'MAN~Self,

as GOLD imparts ELEGANCE, BENEVOLENCE through En~LIGHT~enment (Coming~unto~LIGHT) of Your Hue'MAN~Self,

Unto Your DIVINITY entering therein to merge with it in the LIFE a Journeyer into his deep SELF~FINDING.

BE GENEROUS Dear ONE, unto Your Hue'MAN~Self ~

~ *  These RIVERs of WHITE & HONEY~Golden

are indicative of the RIVERs of CONSICOUSNESS flowing into and within your BODY,

Through which LIFE FORCE flow into Your Physical Vessel / Temple ~


~ *  The THREE~Rivers:


The seven lokas, or Upper Worlds, correspond to the seven higher chakras in the Hue'MAN.

The seven talas, or Lower Worlds, correspond to the chakras below the base of the spine.

Man is thus a microcosm of the UNI~verse, The MACRO~Cosm, and hence HE is very COSM~ic.

The spine is the axis of MAN's beingness, Dear ONE ~

Mount Meru is the axis of the world,

and the fourteen chakras are portals into the fourteen worlds, or regions / locations of consciousness,

that are STATES of BEINGNESS, that YOU are awakening unto, so as to be in and through and from  all at ONCE.

The actinodic life force within the SUSHUMNA~RIVER (GOLDEN) current runs up and down the spine

and becomes very powerful (but now in dual mode) when the Ida and Pingala, or the Odic RIVER~forces (WHITE),


Your Hue'MAN~Self becomes completely Actinodic.

He doesn't identify himself with the Hue'MAN~Self,

nor he has a body at that particular time in experience.

He feels he is just a being suspended in space as ONE with LIFE,

and during those times his Anahata (HEART & High~HEART together)

and Vishuddha (THROAT) chakras are spinning and vibrating.

When, through the practice of very intense, sustained states of contemplation,

The Hue'MAN~Self merges into Pure States of Formless~Superconsciousness,

as the Ida and the Pingala together form a circle,

spiraling consciousness in and out simultaneously as In~BREATH & Out~BREATH of LIFE ~

These RIVERS meet within at The Ajna (COMMAND Centre of Your DIVINE BE~ingness / 3rd EYE Centre),

and the pituitary and the pineal Master~glands at the top of the head @Crown also merge their energies.

This produces deep CONTEMPLATIVE UNITY / ONE~ness of all of YOU with The MACRO~Cosm.

The pituitary gland awakens first and through its action stimulates the pineal.

The pineal shoots a spark into the pituitary, and fires up the neuron networks;

and the door of Brahman / DIVINE, the Brama~Randhra / PORTAL of BRAHMA,

is opened in the Physical VESSEL, never to close again, making YOU an AWAKENED~ONE unto ONESELF.

~ *  Nature's Two Basic Forces

There are two basic forces in the Uni~VERSE, The Odic Force & Actinic Force.

Odic force is magnetic force. Odic force is the force of collective energies that make things

-- trees, chairs, tables, houses, the physical body. Odic force is of the material world -- dense and heavy.

The aura around the physical body and the forces of nature which govern much of man's life on Earth are of Odic Force.

~ *  Actinic force is your Pure LIFE~Force coming from the CENTRAL~Source deep within, out through the Nervous System.

As this pure life force begins to mingle with the astral atoms and the physical body atoms, it turns into Odic Force.

Awaken unto these two Primal Forces, Dear One.

The sahasrara chakra (CROWN), the ajna chakra (BROW / 3rd EYE), the vishuddha chakra (THROAT)

are Primarily ACTINIC~Forces that are centers of rarefied inner consciousness within the Super~CONSCIOUSNESS itself.

The Anahata Chakra (the heart center), that looks the external world and the world within,

is primarily a mixture of Actinic force and odic force, in BALANCE. It's called ACTINODIC.

The lower three chakras, Manipura (SOLAR PLEXUS), Svadhishthana (SACRAL) and Muladhara (ROOT), are primarily Odic Force chakras.

That make up The World.

~ *  The RIVERS of DUALITY, Ida and Pingala forces are basically odic forces.

When The Odic force is withdrawn back into the SUSHUMNA (CENTRAL GOLDEN RIVER),

back into its actinic Pure Substance of LIFE~FORCE,

YOU completely lose awareness of & identification with the external world,

and this becomes a withdrawn~MEDITATION & yet fully alert within with ONE's PRIME SELF,

through the withdrawing of ODIC FORCES~

The Prana / RIVER of LIFE~FORCE is the in-between,

which is the Actinodic force that flows in and through Odic and Actinic forces, binding & integrating The TWO ~

You can feel these through Your Physical~VESSEL.

~ *  When YOU are in the Actinic Force and YOU are aware of it, YOU experience HARMONY,

& PEACE in all aspects of Your External Life.
and.....when YOU become conscious within and Awareness is flowing through the Odic Force realms,

Awareness actually thinks it is Odic Force leading to dis~harmonious experience,

Leading to disagreements, arguments, disapproval, discontentment ~

Observe these chakras as vast fields of collective related and interrelated thought realms / vast cities,

and look at AWARENESS as the JOURNEYER through these chakric expressions.

When YOU.... are flowing as AWARENESS through one of these vast energy fields of Actinodic force or Actinic force,

with these thought or perceptive layers within it, you think in a certain way.

As YOU travel through, the nerve ganglia within the spinal cord are registering all this within,

and brings what YOU are experiencing into your Immediate Consciousness of RESIDENCE.

You become aware of it through the nerve ganglia within the spine.

Through a mixture of Actinic and Odic force, willpower and awareness motivate the travels through these layers of the mind.

When the nerve force begins to register as you're in a certain chakric field / expression / city,

it begins to vibrate, and it throws off color and it throws off sound, and then, within YOU,

you begin to SEE these disc-like wheels spinning.

They have sounds and in fact, they're quite noisy,

because color and sound and energy are all the same thing in the inner realms,

They are great energy fields in the INNER~MAN, the Experiencer, and they flow like RIVERS.

They are what make up the~PERSON.

The physical body has a connection to each one of these major seven chakras,

BECOME AWARE as Awareness in the JOURNEY through your Chakric Cities, Dear ONE~

~ *  The GOLDEN BRIDGE here is a Bridge of LIBERATION from ODIC to ACTINIC

where ONE penetrates to the very depths of ONE's Inner BE~ingness ~

In so doing, the inner awakening and knowledge brought forth from this SUPER~Conscious Realm within

registers on the Odic Force Field of the Conscious Mind's Intellect.

YOU become Your very~OWN BOOK ~

YOU can lose touch with this expanded consciousness, once it has been gained,

by allowing Yourself to become identified again with the Odic world.

As soon as YOU stop making the effort to penetrate the Actinic Realms,

the ordinary forces of attachment, fear and desire force in upon us.

It then requires extra effort to balance the forces and penetrate the life-giving,

light-giving regions in meditation.

When this happens again within, YOU have the experience of SEE~ing LIGHT within the CRANIUM,

which is the friction of the Actinic force permeating and Lighting up the Odic Force Field.

 ~ *  Attune Your~SELF to the Actinic Ray of Consciousness, Dearest ONE ~

For the BLUE SPHERE of EXPANSE that YOU encounter where the RIVERS FLOW,

Is the MELD of The Odic Force and the Actinic Force make up this planet.

The action and interaction of these two forces working together cause the life that we see on Earth.

Through the SEE~ing of the EYE of BENEVOLENCE the planet can be as completely transparent,

just like a tremendous, translucent sphere, looking very light,

and floating in a clear BLUE space, which is called THE AKASHA,

which is also YOUR DWELLING PLACE / HOME that is YOU ~

~ *  At this stage Dear ONE it is VITAL that you release all those

who do not recognize or travel along the INNER PATH within themselves,

For YOU are generating a certain vibration out of these Journeys within,

Which is required of YOU to maintain so as for the JOURNEY to continue~ON,

to maintain your Hue'MAN Self and to maintain the PURITY of its INNER ATMOSPHERE,

to keep connection with the subtle thread of SUPER~Consciousness alive in the Physical~VESSEL;

People staying in your Household for more than three days

who are of discord / not on Conscious Evolution in the JOURNEY with SPIRIT ruptures your energy field,

and drags YOU to the ODIC Forces in your inner~Atmosphere ~

Keep your home as Your DIVINE SHRINE or meditation space RADIANT,

so that the inner feeling there is always uplifting,

and the space is free of energy of rupture left behind by those with discord ~

YOU have to learn to not-build-up the static from those who are static & shield out the static, Dear ONE ~

 ~ *  To attain and sustain kaif (PURE AWARENESS aware of itself) as is being led unto through these VISIONS,

is so doable practice.

You pull awareness out of the thought processes.

You pull awareness out of the emotion processes.

You pull awareness out of the bodily processes,

and you're just completely on that pinnacle of being aware of being aware.

This is so necessary to practice every day for few minutes ~

~ *  As an OPENING Consciousness YOURSELF in this JOURNEY,

Observe all food YOU consume and it affects your body cells in holding the Consciousness in your BODY~Vessel ~

Guard your ENERGY FIELD around your PHYSICAL FORM from coarse & derailed influences of others

and you will enjoy the bliss of the natural state of the mind that is pure, clear and undisturbed, Dear ONE ~

~ *  Know this now Dear ONE, that the meeting place of The THREE RIVERS is...... the Sahasrara Chakra (CROWN).

The sushumna nadi (GREAT CENTRAL RIVER), flowing upward, is the channel for the kundalini shakti, which is WHITE / PURE in ESSENCE.

When YOU are really CENTRED within, the Ida and Pingala blend together in a straight line and merge into the Sushumna,

energizing all seven chakras, and in the older soul, slowly, very slowly, slowly,

begin to energize the seven chakras above the Sahasrara / CROWN.

When this happens, YOU will no longer think but sees and observes from the AJNA Chakra (BROW CENTRE / 3rd EYE) between the eyes.

YOU will be totally consciously alive, or superconscious.

It is only when Your Ida and Pingala begin functioning normally again that YOU begin to think about what YOU SEE.

Through breathing exercises, meditation and the practice of hatha yoga,

the Ida and the Pingala, or the aggressive and passive Odic forces of DUALITY, are balanced.

When they are balanced, the chakras spin all at the same velocity.

When the chakras spin at the same velocity, they no longer bind YOUR Awareness to the Odic world;

Man's awareness then is automatically released, and he becomes conscious of the actinodic and actinic worlds.

And thusly...............remain as ACTIVE, FULLY ALERT, and  WITNESS to your Hue'MAN in Experience

gradually elevating your Hue'MAN to the DIVINE ~

~ *  This spinning of the CHAKRAs One @ a TIME and Collectively as ONE chakric BODY

is what YOU encountered as The enormous DIAMOND OCTAHEDRON STAR shining brightly, spinning @ faster pace,

Hovering over the GREAT CENTRAL SUSHUMNA RIVER, that begins to get absorbed unto the DIAMOND / OCTAHEDRON,

which is colors and sounds created in the spinning, whose energy field is a FUNNEL / Opening PORTAL

as it absorbs the SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS RIVER and becomes ONE itself ( a MICRO~COSM) and radiates The GOLDEN,

with a CLEAR DIAMOND within that is THE PINEAL / The ALL~SEE~ing~EYE ~

In its SPONTANEOUS WISDOM it begins to grow ROOT and ANCHORS itself to the CORE of GAIA

for YOUR Hue'MAN Self to be grounded AS~THE~DIVINE ~

~ *  At this Point, it is noteworthy here to mention that The RIVER has been WHITE with GOLD at The CENTRE,

In the first sector of The YOU (Micro~COSM) entering YOU, the MACRO~Cosm UNIVERSE, in this in~BREATH

That changes to a FLOW of GOLDEN from the DIAMOND OCTAHEDRON STAR that elevates and then lowers itself upon the GROUND

that roots itself out and flows out its ESSENCE of GOLDEN BENEVOLENCE,

around your PHYSICAL upto 10 feet Wide Across as Your ENERGY FIELD of LIGHT

With WHITE LIGHT of Kundalini / RISING Consciousness streaking through it at The CORE,

In the second sector of The YOU, The Macro~COSM UNIVERSE in the Out~BREATH re~entering


~ *  As YOU sit on the shore of this INCREDIBLE GOLDEN RIVER as THE WITNESS in the BODY~Temple of Your Hue'MAN~Self Dear One,

and soaking up the Essence of the DIAMOND STAR of CONSCIOUSNESS at CORE RADIANCE,

YOU BECAME.............YOUR VERY OWN BOOK (mentioned above), that read back unto your Hue'MAN:

"ENTER YOU, Dear ONE..... for YOU are The GOLDEN~ONE,

The BRILLIANT, BENEVOLENT MAGNIFICENCE that YOU have been waiting for,

Entering Your Cellular Structure as your Hue'MAN trans~FORMS into The GOLDEN Physical VESSEL

with The Octahedron STARS of Spinning Chakric Portals in HARMONY;

WITNESS YOUR Hue'MAN~Self as HE unfolds unto the DIVINE,

As the AWARENESS that is AWARE of itself " ~

~ *  And so I SEE.... and so it is * ~