EA005 - Encountering the Brilliance of my Hue'MAN Genome

22 February 2014

~~ * Encountering the Brilliance of My Hue'MAN Genome * ~~

I SEE a ball rolling beside me and it stops as I stop; it is made of red marble and has a swirly pattern.

I SEE the ball is about 3ft is diameter and as I continue walking it moves with me too

I SEE inside the ball and it is hollow, but I notice there is a drop of water suspended in the centre; as I concentrate this drop has exactly a million books and each book has a million pages and each page has a million words

I SEE and wonder in amazement on how a single drop can contain so much knowledge

I SEE the ball move forward as though it was telling me to follow it, which I do

I SEE this ball, so silent and so precise in its rolling began to lead me down this path; my vision was limited and each steps forward revealed a new scene until

I SEE a vast expansive space and the ball was still by my side; I looked around and concentrated and

I SEE three small planets in a bluish sky with stars in the distance. These planets were all white and there light was intense, more like a spotlight; yet I was able to look at them without straining my eyes

I SEE the planets are all identical yet on the surface I began to see things on them

The first planet had a single mountain that was green with a ball at the top; this ball was red

The second planet had another mountain but much larger and it had a green ball on top
The third planet had the symbol of the Vesica Pieces and had a cluster of exactly seven mountains on the left, four below, five on top and nine to the right. This symbol was beaming gold light

I SEE my third eye begin to tingle and vibrate

I SEE myself wondering what the planets and symbols all meant then the ball rolled in front and then back; I instantly realised it wanted me to follow, so I continued walking in this expansive space

I SEE the ball and me continuing to go along this open~ness until

I SEE a book on the floor but it is huge, made of leather and must have a million pages. It is about three ft in size but the pages made the book at least ten feet high

I SEE myself stopping at the side of the book and feeling the pages, it had a leathery feel and as soon as I touched the pages drops of water began to bleed from all the pages

I SEE myself standing back and wondering what has happened

I SEE a pool of drops merging together on the ground then one by one they stand on top of each other. I hand to laugh and smile, it was amazing

I SEE the drops get higher and higher and broader and broader until they reached exactly the same height as me

I SEE the drops make a circular cylinder exactly 3ft in diameter and began to sway slightly. I notice this movement was like a wave and I could feel my skin and body tingling; then I noticed my skin changing colour, it was becoming lighter and lighter.

To my surprise I quickly changed into the colour of the drop of water; as I looked at my hands and legs, I soon realised that I was made millions of drops of water all carefully arranged to make me

I SEE myself looking at myself and parts of my body

I SEE after a short while everything changing again and soon I turned back; I realised the drop water cylinder had soon disappeared , but the leather book was still in front of me

I SEE the book and soon it began to move a little and then swayed and leaned over towards me

I SEE the book leaning forward to touch my forehead and then it disappeared. I could feel a sharp pain and tingle in my forehead; I quickly realised the book was inside of me

I SEE everything disappearing and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


In your Etheric Navigation in seeking to express the highest levels of the energy of the~ONE within your selves,

Through this VISION of the RED BALL Dearest ONE, You are encountering The ONE entering the realms of Density / RED ~

Your VISIONS enable you to connect from your person to the Cosmic Levels of Consciousness, both ways, as you expand in your holding states of Consciousness

You are travelling through your PSYCHE, the Collective Psyche on Earth, and The Higher Levels of Consciousness, including the Planetary,

Solar and Galactic / Cosmic levels of Consciousness.

Here what you encounter is your DIVINE CREATOR WITHIN in travelling in tune with PRIME CREATOR and separating from PRIME ONE~ness,

And entering the RED~WORLD of forms, away from PRIME SOURCE and journeying~ON ~

This is the point of Birthing of DUALITY and you are encountering that moment yet again ~

~ * The BALL is a SPHERE / CIRCLE that draws your Attention completely within and unto it,

Pointing to a containment or fullness / wholesomeness of The~ALL~INCLUSIVE COSMIC UNITY

Of the Transcendental Nature of LIFE you are encountering which is also YOUR ACTION / DOING unto Consciousness as the In~Dweller ~

Circles are unending and eternal and its closest identification is with SOURCE / ORIGIN of LIFE ~

The Other pointers to a CIRCLE are: Inclusion of the Original Nature of LIFE, Focus, and Unity with ALL, Nurturance, Cycles of LIFE,

Initiation, Everything~ness, Integration of Energy & Matter / Spirit & Man,

Perfection, Womb of PRIME~CREATION, Center of BE~ingness, Revolution, Infinity, Mobility / Movement / Journey of Consciousness,

Completion of Beginning~less and end~less ONE~ness ~

& The GIVING Completely of itself in the Creation of LIFE by PRIME CREATOR unto ALL that is Created ~

A circle is a simple closed curve which divides the plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior.

Here you SEE Dear ONE, that The ONE through creating a movement of CIRCLE has created a new experience to journey into and through ~

And that part of the PRIME CREATOR who descends into the CIRCLE is YOU

That approaches YOU to remind YOU of your PURPOSE of BE~ing in this Polarity Experience ~

Circle can mean the boundary of the figure, or to the whole figure including its interior, or a complete wholeness that represents THE ALL ~

These are states through which YOU travel along and become SELF~REALIZING so as to express from the specific STATE you are at ~

~ * Along this RED ROAD of your VISION of the Material World or Plane of Matter in its creative potential a DROP of WATER is seen suspended within


For whom Books within Books within Books of KNOWING is seeded for the EXPLORATION in this Journey in this Density ~

The Small White Planets with intense Light are the INNER PLANETS of the solar system Mercury, Venus and Earth,

Close residents that represent your EARTHLY Self around your SOUL~LIGHT / SUN ~

~ * YOU are SEE~ing the first planet with a single mountain that was green with a red~ball at the top ~

This is MERCURY of Communications, and representing of HIGHEST MIND as it is close to your SUN / LIGHT YOU ARE,

Which has a prioritizing of Experiencing in Density (Red Ball on the Top),

The second planet with a larger mountain and a Green ball at its peak / zenith is Venus,


The third planet had the symbol of the Vesica Piscis, is EARTH with a cluster of exactly seven mountains on the left,


That YOU are here to UNITE and Journey back HOME along this RED ROAD,

Using your Body like Planetary bodies that YOU SEE are reflecting to YOU ~

The Four Mountains of MASTERY below are pegs of ANCHORING and GROUNDING as is with EARTH, so is with YOU;

The Five Mountains of GENEROSITY on top represents CHANGE involved,

That YOU return YOU through as part of GENEROUS Expression of Your BE~ingness back to PRIME CREATOR ~

As Trans~FORM~ation along The JOURNEY of ELEVATING the Hue'MAN Self

Back to the ONE~ness YOU descended from ~

The Nine Mountains of BELONGING to the Right points to YOU

In establishing a Completion of the Journey in you BELONGING to the state of Consciousness you are at ~

This symbol was beaming GOLD LIGHT of Compassion, Wisdom, Abundance, Knowledge, DIVINE~Pricelessness in FLOW ~

~ * Gold Represents:

** Success: achievement, victory.

** Wealth: gold implies affluence, material wealth.

** Prestige and luxury: gold is associated with sophistication, elegance, value, quality and status;

A Divine Pricelessness ~

Effects of Gold:

** Enlightenment: gold, at its highest level, inspires knowledge, spirituality

And a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

** Compassion: caring, loving, generous and giving.

** Generosity: of wisdom, knowledge and Abundance; Gold is a great conductor of DIVINE unto the Hue'MAN ~

~ * The Huge Leather Book on the Floor represents THE BOOK of LIFE that YOU ARE Dear One,

That which you in your GENEROSITY chose to experience as re~TURN unto PRIME CREATOR in this Journey ~

Your TOUCH is your FOCUS upon Each Experience of LIFE, unto which THE DIVINE UNFOLDS / bleeds water = Consciousness ~

The Circular Water Cylinder forming unto which your skin changes the color to,

Is YOUR COLUMN of Consciousness that YOU RESIDE IN The Ocean of Consciousness,

The Millions of drops of Water that YOU are made of, is also the Millions of Pages of the BOOKS

And the STARS and White Planets that are made of ~ PRIME CONSCIOUSNESS!

The BOOK that touched your forehead before you left Your VISION is Your UNIQUE EXPRESSION that YOU ARE, in Consciousness

That Integrates with YOU in this Journey of the Hue'MAN away from SOURCE / ORIGIN to re~TURN HOME to ONE~ness ~

ANCHOR and GROUND YOU as a UNIFIED Consciousness upon EARTH, who holds SPACE and TIME for you to BIRTH the NEW YOU ~

~ * and so I SEE..........and so it is ~ *