EA004 - My Journey through The PSYCHE of My MIND

19 February 2014

~ * My Journey through The PSYCHE of My MIND * ~

I SEE I am floating in space and I can see a planet ahead of me; it is totally green and with swirls of black. It is a brighter green, yes jade green

I SEE myself floating closer to the planet and I can just see a vague outline of a mountain on the planet

I SEE next to me a white moon glowing brilliantly

I SEE myself looking straight at the moon and notice its shining lights are really floating tiny diamonds. They shine so bright as though they are light beams

I SEE myself floating closer a d closer to the moon; I notice my clothes are too brilliant light the same as the moon. To my surprise as I look at my clothes they are filled with diamonds. Somehow they have attached to every part of my body even my hands.

AS I raise my hands to touch my face, I could feel the tiny diamonds

I SEE the diamonds shining brightly from all the tiny ones all over my body; then I notice a red brightly light coming from the centre of the moon

I SEE that I am being pulled along to this light which is getting brighter as I get closer

I SEE the bright light is coming from a cube which has a zigzag pattern on its surface; in between this pattern is a single separating yellow zigzag pattern as a border. This yellow is made of liquidy part, no idea what it is

I SEE myself getting closer and closer and the moon looks enormous and the red cube too

I SEE white clouds ahead and enter the moon planet and as I do the scene changes, there are trees everywhere

I have entered into a vast forest with the red cube a distance away; as float down gently I can see many varieties of trees, all are enormous in size

I SEE as I float down and in front of a yellow tree with a zigzag patterned bark; it has a plaque with symbols on it

I walk closer to the yellow tree and have a look; I notice the tree has a liquidy appearance and as I touch it, I can push my hand through a little, like a dense liquid or plasticine from childhood

I SEE the plaque it is a perfect rectangle with all the corners having a circle symbol and a fir symbol in the centre

I SEE the plaque has having four symbols all equally spaced out and exactly the same size too;

First…a white triangle filled in the centre a cluster of red tiny diamonds
Second…a blue tree filled with blue diamond leaves
Third…a noughts and crosses grid, with a yellow cloth tartan type centre
Fourth …a circle and having a tiny yellow book engraved

Then the scene changes

I SEE the red cube in front of ME it is the same size as me and it is revolving slowly at the corner

As I look at it begins to spin faster and faster and soon it is going incredibly fast

I can hear a whirling sound, like a wind coming from the spinning action; my third eye begins to tingle and I can feel a diamond burning brightly inside my third eye

I SEE the red cube explode with light and I quickly duck down and cover my face. There was light everywhere; images, symbols, shapes and items came out and spread everywhere into the forest

I SEE myself standing up and immediately see a small cube on the ground; I pick it up and notice the zigzag pattern with a yellow border; as I began to concentrate it melted away and into my palm, it soon vanished

I SEE ahead of me a green chair made of green wood perfectly engraved; in the middle of the seat was a white circle, it was plain. I go over to touch it and notice a marble effect of the seat of the chair

I SEE the chair is wood but the seat was made of marble; how unusual I thought and I sat down. The chair was perfectly contoured to my body

I SEE the arm rests a smooth and polished; as I move my hands away I can feel little tiny sticks stuck to my hands; they were twigs stuck on both hands

Then I notice jade green diamonds on the ground and under my feet; oddly my shoes where made of wood but felt very comfortable, they were green the same as the chair

I SEE a transparent man suddenly appear in front me and smile; he reaches out and gives me a banana and a mango. He then moves forward and places his hand on my head, sending rushing water into my body

I SEE everything fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


Dearest ONE, as you continue on in this Journey with Your SOUL,

So as to expand and unify all that YOU are that is separated and divided,

In the experiencing of duality in forms,

You are entering herein now to being guided unto enter your PSYCHE from a Galactic Portal and hence the 'SPACE'

YOU are visiting here where you become awakened to Your MENTAL BODY / FIELD and thusly TRANSFORM dense mental energy to LIGHT ~

The JADE GREEN PLANET you encounter is your Higher MIND waiting for you to explore unto and enter and BE ~

The Brilliantly glowing WHITE MOON studded with diamonds

Is The Radiance of your HIGHER~MIND your Mental Body is ascending unto with YOU ~

The PSYCHE is your DIVINE TOOL when used with the WISDOM of the LIGHT of your HEART

becomes your closest ally to your SPIRITUAL LIVING ~

As you SEE yourself clothed in the white diamonds of the very MOON,

YOU are within your Higher~MIND in the direct experience of this VISION ~

The Red Brightly Lit Light from the Core of The MOON is the CORE of your HUMAN~INTERFACE of the SPIRIT that YOU are,

Seeking to have the Hue'MAN Experience with your LIGHT being anchored to every expression of yours ~

~ * The CUBE is a geometric and sacred representation of your own connection with EARTH MOTHER herself,

And the Zigzag Pattern in Yellow shows how the MIND travels up and down with edges through the experience within the CUBE (EARTH)

The WHITE Clouds that you pass through are The Thoughts of the PSYCHE,

The TREES you encounter as Potentials waiting to be expanded unto and manifesting from your Higher MIND ~

The YELLOW Tree in the forest represents The Expression of your Lower MIND

~ * The RECTANGLE with 4 circles at 4 corners with a fir (HONESTY / Pillar of Strength / Tower of Truth) tree at centre:

being four-sided, bear some of the same meanings as crosses:

~ * Four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter)

~ * Four directions (north, south, east, west)

~ * Four elements (fire, water, air, earth)

Squares and Rectangles represent the physical elements, the directions of the world, the natural growing cycles of the seasons

 – both squares and crosses are often used as symbols of the material world itself.

Squares, however, are associated with materiality than crosses because of their visual solidness.

A square has volume. It contains space. Crosses don't.

As is being shown in this VISION, the Pairings of circles and squares are heaven and earth mergence of spiritual and material.

Circles are unending and eternal.

~ * The Symbols on The PLAQUE upon the Yellow TREE of the Mental Realm:

First…a white triangle filled in the centre a cluster of red tiny diamonds

~ This WHITE TRIANGLE is a representation of the MOON with the Red CORE, of the ASCNEDANCE (Triangle)

Second…a blue tree filled with blue diamond leaves


that works along with Lower MIND that elevates the Lower MIND to its HIGHER VERSION ~

Third…a noughts and crosses grid, with a yellow cloth tartan type centre

~ These Noughts and Crosses of YELLOW represent Your MENTAL PUZZLES

involved in finding the resolutions to expressions on Earth ~

Fourth …a circle and having a tiny yellow book engraved

~ Here the MENTAL EXPRESSION is seeking for you to open upto its INHERENT WISDOM (BOOK)

and WILFULLNESS and thusly elevate the Mental Body to its Higher Realms ~

~ * As the scene changes here Dear ONE, you are now WAKING UP to the EXISTENCE of your HIGHER MIND,


Here, you are being led to look upon your DNA LAYER 6 / Higher~SELF in its expression as YOU

(and hence your size)

exploding into all abstract expressions from your Higher~SELF in your puzzle resolution for the Ascension of your Lower~MIND ~

Please understand this Dear Hue’MAN; a MIND is MENTAL EXPRESSION of YOU,

and are WHOLE and yet the thoughts that make up the mental body in your Hue’MAN usage had made it to vibrate LOW

through this density and hence the usage 'LOWER' denoting to vibrating slow

and not in any hierarchical expression of a 'lowly' mind in existence,

as opposed to Higher~MIND (in rapid vibration when used with DIVINE LOVE) ~

~ * The small YELLOW CUBE melting into your palm is a re~Entry of your MENTAL BODY back into YOU as your Higher~MIND;

The GREEN Chair made of green WOOD perfectly engraved is your INNER SEAT


as the Caretaker of your Mental Realms who is seated in WAKEFUL AWARENESS,

so as for the MIND to remain and function as HIGHER MIND for HIGHER PURPOSE / TOOL ~

As you begin to SEE the Chair is made to fit your contours, it is a pointer to YOU Dear One,

that YOU are being brought to your WAKEFUL AWARENESS to be seated as The Wholesome~YOU,

In BALANCE in your Mental FIELD ~

~ * Notice Dear ONE here, that the Jade GREEN Diamonds on the ground and under your feet are quite Significant ~

that they represent a AWAKENED INDWELLING upon and within The HIGHER MIND by Your LIGHT that YOU ARE ~

The Transparent MAN suddenly appearing before YOU with SMILE is your Mental CLARITY itself;

giving you the 'FRUITS'(banana and mango) of your MENTAL ELEVATION

through your becoming WAKEFUL and AWARE unto your HIGHER MIND ~
Clarity BLESSES YOUR HEAD (Crown) sending rushing water of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS into your body activating your Higher~MIND to function within Your Body,

that YOU use through Higher Thoughts & Higher Words that lead to Higher Actions

that anchor and harvest Higher Understanding of The LIGHT that you are,

By the Hue'MAN that YOU ARE ~

And so I SEE ~ And so it is ~~