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Title Created Date
EA001 - The Initiations of My Cosmic~Awakening 18-Feb-2014
EA002 - The ETHERIC~Awakening of the ASCENSION CHAKRA 18-Feb-2014
EA003 - The Merge of My Brain Hemispheres 01-Mar-2014
EA004 - My Journey through The PSYCHE of My MIND 01-Mar-2014
EA005 - Encountering the Brilliance of my Hue'MAN Genome 03-Mar-2014
EA006 - My Journey unto the High~POINT of Metatronic LIGHT I AM 08-Mar-2014
EA007 - Swirling through the Expanding Planet~BODY Genome 08-Mar-2014
EA008 - The WHOLESOME TRANSFERENCE of DNA through the PORTAL I AM 11-Mar-2014
EA009 - Strolling through the Essence of Harmony & Balance 01-Apr-2014
EA010 - The Light~BODY Infusion into My Physical Body 01-Apr-2014
EA011 - The Elevation of my Mental Body into Higher~MIND 01-Apr-2014
EA012 - The Golden Bird and My Journey Beyond~the~Matrix 01-Apr-2014
EA013 - The Golden Bird and My Journey Beyond~the~Matrix 01-Apr-2014
EA014 - The Entry into and The Infusion of GAIA’S Cosmic Portal 01-Apr-2014
EA015 - My Encounter with Christ~Consciousness in The High~Heart 01-Apr-2014
EA017 - Recalibration of My Conscious ~SELF with my Golden Eagle Divine SELF 02-Apr-2014
EA018 - My Encounter with my Creative SELF along the Inner PATH 06-May-2014
EA019 - My Visitation & Journey through Diamond Consciousness in The Body 06-May-2014
EA020 - My Encounter with The Wisdom of The DIVINE Feminine in the Body 06-May-2014
EA021 - My Integration with The Wisdom of The DIVINE Feminine into the Body 06-May-2014
EA022 - My Encounter with The Wisdom of The Higher~MIND anchoring in the Body 06-May-2014
EA023 - I AM BE~Coming Rooted in the Earth while Reaching for the Stars 06-May-2014
EA024 - The Integration of the Cosmic Heart into My Physical Heart 06-May-2014
EA025 - The Birth~ing of LIGHT unto My Hue'MAN Experience of Duality 06-May-2014
EA026 - The CALIBRATION of The Physical~SELF unto Universal-Consciousness 06-May-2014
EA027 - I AM Becoming The Golden~SUN of Divine~Benevolence 13-May-2014
EA029 - UNION with my HIGHER SELF through all four worlds/ selves/ bodies 05-Jun-2014
EA030 - My Encounter & Integration with My Platinum~Ray~Consciousness 05-Jun-2014
EA031 - My Platinum~Light Encounter at My Etheric Light~BODY 05-Jun-2014
EA032 - Being WITHIN the ETHEREAL BODY in its RECALIBRATION 05-Jun-2014
EA033 - Upon The Mountain of My WILL and Inner~DESIRE 05-Jun-2014
EA034 - INSIDE of me I SEE a Golden Sun representing my GOD 05-Jun-2014
EA035 - My Witnessing of my Pituitary Attunement 10-Jul-2014
EA036 - The Activation of My Kundalini Energy through Etheric Body 10-Jul-2014
EA037 - My DNA - The Dissipation of The Old & The Recalibration of The NEW 10-Jul-2014