Letter 049 - Chest Opening



Hi Shazi

Had a dream last night that my chest opened up, lots of light came out, and the light is surrounding me. I turn around; the light has engulfed all our relatives too. We all walk together through a portal and reach the other side which is magnificent and beautiful, our world but brighter and more colourful......

I enrolled in an energy holistic yoga class. That has helped a lot.
Also I saw the letter "K". It wants to contact me... I don't know what "K" is??

In my yoga class we do a lot of head shaking and stomach patting, immense energy is created. Some of the prophets do it with me. Today Prophet Adam and Eve joined me. It’s similar to the head shaking when you do Zikar.  

Stay tuned


When you saw your chest opening, this is the sign that higher frequency energies has transferred into you and your relatives. These energies are for your ascension and later you go through a portal to signify this.


I am not sure what the letter ‘K’ means; I am sure when your vibrations increases, it will contact you through dreams or meditation.

Later in your yoga class the Prophets Adam and Eve join you; this shows that you have a lot of care for mankind, it is this reason they came to support you.