Letter 048 - Meditation and Yoga class



Hi Shazi

How are you? On 5th may in my in my med and yoga class I experienced all my Chakras opening. I saw them all lit up. I felt very light as though I was lifting off the floor. It lasted a couple of mins, and then I was fine. Intense energy in my hands too. I went on a 2 day Energy principle workshop. Very interesting, based on ancient Korean knowledge of how to open up meridians and chakras in the body. It was on 5th and 6th of May.

On the 5th I did meditation outside with the full moon. The Moon gave me a piece of himself. I asked him what I do with it; he said he would tell me soon, Inshallah. I'm intrigued............


Thank you for sharing; sounds like great fun in your Yoga classes, keep going.

To receive a gift from the moon shows how your frequencies have tuned to the higher vibrations and to make a connection is truly amazing.