Letter 046 - Prophet Muhammad's Holy Mosque


Dear Shazi

I would like to share a beautiful dream I had recently whilst on Umrah (pilgrimage) in Madina.
In the dream I enter The Prophet’s Holy Mosque in Madina. The entire floor is glowing with a vibrantly rich blue light. I find it fascinating and exquisite. As I tread on the floor, pure white light surrounds each footprint. I find this exhilarating and awe inspiring. I feel a deep inner peace and happiness. The dream ends.

I would like your interpretation.

Thank you


It is great honour to visit the tomb of any Prophet and even more to match their frequency. What you saw was the refined light we call Tajalli as you walked on the floor of the tomb.

As you tread on the floor, the vibrations of peace and harmony, descended into your body and inside; which is like having a blessing and cleansing down by the Prophet.

Super dream, and hopefully you can see the Prophet in your dream as well, in the future.