Letter 045 - Angelic Protection



Dear Shazi

I had an unusual dream last night which left me feeling very happy and positive. I must add that prior to this dream I asked Allah, at length during prayer, to protect me and my family from anything harmful – particularly from the Devil and to keep me humble.
In the dream my husband and I are asleep in our own bedroom. It is the middle of the night and it is dark outside. I awaken in the dream as I realise there is a woman outside cleaning our bedroom window. However, it is pouring with rain and I notice she is wearing a black swimming costume. This strangely makes sense to me as I recognise that otherwise her clothes would get drenched.
I open the window and invite her in. She then appears before me wearing an exquisite long, flowing dress. She appears to be young and very beautiful with glowing angelic features. I instantly feel safe and at peace as she smiles lovingly at me. My husband awakens and she asks him if the house is secure and all the doors and windows are locked. He immediately goes downstairs to check.
The angelic woman continues to shine her love on me and I feel completely protected and safe. The dream ends.
I’m pretty sure what this dream signifies, but I would appreciate your interpretation.

Thank you Shazi


As you prayed for protection before you went to sleep; the Creator sent you a an angel to look after your family.

Your prayer was instantly answered and you saw in detail the angel safe keeping your family as well.

Excellent dream, well done.