Letter 044 - The Temple



Dear Shazi,

I had a dream but I can only remember some of it, however I would like you to interpret the parts of the dream I remember....

Me and my dad arrive suddenly to this island as if we were pushed along through a wormhole or a portal. As we look around, we see loads of people who are walking around this island. My dad quickly asserts himself and tells me to follow him; we go for a long walk up a very steep mountain. When we get to the top, we immediately have a view of the whole island.

There was a pause, as we both were enjoying the exuberance of the joyful and distinctly peaceful atmosphere. I could see it was a haven for everyone to enjoy, and it was a haven like I had never seen before.

But then I saw something that felt out of place in comparison to the rest of the island. Far off in the distance I witnessed what looked like a temple. What I felt was wrong about it, was the fact that to reach it you had to go up an immensely massive long and wide staircase.

It was so long that a lot of people struggled to reach the top and some would trip and fall all the way down to the bottom of the staircase. However these same people would get up, smile and then go straight back up. I asked my dad why it matters so much to these people that they reach this temple.

He said, it was because they believe that this temple is their sanctuary and will bring them happiness. He also said that, the journey has become a big part of their lives. After he said this I had noticed a few people reaching the top of the staircase to the temple. I also noticed that, the people who didn’t reach the top were the people who would stop to complain about the size of the staircase or keep looking up at the temple hoping they could reach it in an instant, whilst the people who focused on the staircase step by step, were the ones who made it to the top. I then felt a part of me being drawn to the temple, so much so that I could see the people inside it as if they were right in front of me!

With regards,


This dream is about the journey of your soul.

You arrive to an island through a wormhole; this is one way to travel in the fourth dimension. The island represents your own identity and ego of a person. The whole dream is about conquering oneself and the material world to find the path to the Creator and ultimate belief.

However, there is another journey that everyone has to go through and that is the challenges of living in the material world; live through and learn the experiences. Then acknowledge that there is a higher source, and that is the Creator. The material journey is shown by the stairs that everyone has to climb to become successful.

During  the long climb, some people were complaining and moaning that it was too difficult for them. These are the people who have given up or simply want everything to be easy so that they do not have to work too hard. But the true and positive people take one step at a time to reach their goal and that of the Creator.

Later on you have a desire to be inside this temple with those who have reached it, this is the soul advising you to seek this journey and you will become successful.

Life is about belief and accepting moments in life are challenging, however if we all rise above this and be positive, then we can find the path.

Excellent dream.