Letter 043 - Gold bricks



Hi Shazi,

Last night I sent my dream to you. For some reason I was happy inside all day long and then came the dream. Probably it was my house because my husband and children were there. Some people from the government arrived and according to them they were there to open some kind of safe or treasure.

They began their work; my husband was standing there and watching them. I was glancing now and then because I had to do some house work too. After glancing a few times, I saw they were able to uncover whatever they were looking for. It was gold bricks, a lot of them. Each brick was in a rectangular container that was open on top in a circular shape. I could see the gold bricks inside. After some time, their work was done and my husband sat on the couch and started watching TV.

It was a very unusual dream. I have a feeling that there was a good message for me about my spiritual journey. What do you think?


The whole dream is about the treasure and the gold bricks. This means that good fortune or news will come soon to you.

This is quite an open dream so the good news could be anything; my advice is that you all be patient and hopefully you it will come soon.