Letter 042 - Glass walls



Hi Shazi,

In my dream I was talking about that I and some of my fellow friends were planning to go somewhere. I then saw myself with them in front of a glass wall, there was a pool on the other side.

Some people were standing outside of the pool in the shallow water, as there was water all around them. We all were watching, until a group of young giraffes came and stood by the pool. They then stepped inside and started swimming. They seemed very excited and had a lot of fun just like a bunch of young kids. As they swam, fishes jumped out from the pool.

People who were standing there caught those fishes without any hassle. I wonder what this dream was about.


The glass wall and the pool on the other side means that you viewed the dream in the fourth dimensional realm of the soul.

The shallow water signifies the depth of understanding of your friends and their spiritual growth. They are curious on your beliefs and are watching on the side what you are doing. This is the meaning of the giraffe.

This dream is about a current experience with your friends which you have been out recently. They are beginning to understand and awake to spirituality.