Letter 041 - Jelly Beans


Dear Shazi, 
My six year old daughter had a vivid dream last night which she recalled to be “really great”. 
She was playing in our garden with her older brother, early in the morning. I was cooking pancakes in the kitchen and she could actually smell the lovely aroma of the pancakes. She then noticed – as she describes – that my son and her both looked liked jelly beans. 
She elaborated by saying they both had large bodies of light that were see through. I asked her what colour the jelly beans were: she was blue; my son was pink. She then giggled and commented, “Don’t tell him he was pink, he’ll get upset!” She also commented that they were not wearing any clothing, just like a jelly bean. 
She then said my husband took all four of us in our car to my parent’s house. There we were greeted by aliens who took all of us on their rocket and we flew into space. She awoke feeling extremely happy. 
Please could you shed some light on this dream? 
Thank you 
As part of disclosure and to speed up the existence of Aliens; they are taking people trips into outer space.
This is all done in the fourth and fifth dimensional realms; in your daughter’s case she transformed into a light body which happened to look like a jelly bean as this is the best description she could give.
It was easily described by her because the aliens want everyone to remember these trips so that they can tell others.
This is an excellent dream and should be followed by a discussion of aliens from outer spaces that are here to help the planet and to stop wars happening.