Letter 040 - Under Construction


Hi Shazi

I had another dream last week that I am in my house which is under construction. It is very high I think 20 storey level; I had a desire to see all of the levels  even the top level, somebody suggests not to go on top level it was all open and hard to go but I insist and with difficulty I reach the top.

It was small very high and open area , I was careful but a little bit scared, my husband was with me he sees a tool which was sitting at the edge; he wished to take it and succeeded to grab it and passed it to him.

Dream fades.


This high storey level signifies your spiritual growth and what you can achieve. As you wanted to go to the top this means that there is a desire to do well spiritually and seek knowledge.

With a little bit of dedication this can be achieved.

The tools at the top of the storey show the refined attributes that can be earned; and as you are sharing it with your husband, this shows a desire for him to join your quest to learn.