Letter 037 - Gift from God


Dear Shazi,

I would like to share with your readers a remarkable sequence of events which occurred yesterday.

A year ago, my brother and I went on Hajj. My brother took with him a compact and beautifully bound Holy Quran in Arabic with English translation. It was his constant companion and I greatly admired it. I intended to buy one when we returned as the translation was very clear and concise.

A couple of days ago during Isha prayer whilst doing du’a, that particular Quran entered my thoughts. I felt a deep yearning in my heart to actively try and find a copy, so I could constantly keep it with me.

Early next morning, my Mother called and asked me a favour. She required some Islamic books for young children, and asked if I could pick some up for her? I intended to go to the book shop in the afternoon. However, my husband advised me to go in the morning as it would be quieter and more convenient.

I arrived at the book shop at 11am. On entering the store, I caught sight of the Quran which I had been searching for. I immediately picked it up and lovingly admired it. I felt immense joy that God had answered my heart’s desire.

I then chose some Islamic children’s books and proceeded to pay. The sales assistant said the Quran was a gift. I was puzzled and asked what he meant. He commented that I needn’t pay for the Quran. I asked for further clarification. He then conveyed the following message:

“Earlier this morning, a man whom I have never met before came into this store and bought this particular Quran. After payment, he handed me the Quran and asked me to donate it to someone who I think deserves it. He then left without another word. As soon as you walked in Sister, I saw you admiring the Quran so lovingly. I therefore feel you richly deserve it and it is a gift for you.”

I was deeply moved and speechless. My heart was rejoicing as I knew God had sent an Angel to bestow this beautiful gift. Even now, writing this account I have tears of joy and my heart is resonating with Love for God.

The clear message my dear ones: no matter what you are currently experiencing in your lives, God knows what is in your hearts. Forget you petty squabbles and problems. Turn to God: the Infinite Creator of the whole Universe. If we regularly remember him in our prayers, asking for Guidance and Forgiveness are grateful for His countless bounties; God will not forsake us. If we have strong Faith and sincere desire in our hearts, God will fulfil those desires. So be positive and be mindful of your conduct; it will bring you closer to God.

I sincerely pray: may God fulfil all your heartfelt desires and enlighten your hearts and minds, Inshallah.


This whole event happened because of your intention, and the connection and then the result on receiving the Quran.

As your mind is cleansed from any negativity or greed, your request was genuine and the will to learn further. As you have already awakened and have started to walk the same path as people around the world to the fifth dimension. Now you are being cared for by the Creator for all your needs.

This is an excellent example of how we are being constantly looked after by the Lord of the entire Universe.

I hope there are many different moments along your journey in life like these.