Letter 036 - Tawaaf


Dear Shazi

I had a beautifully vivid dream last night. I see myself in a store choosing some lovely green fabric for a suit. The shalwar and kameez have different prints but the green colour is so vibrant and exquisite.

The scene changes and I see myself doing tawaaf (circumambulation) around the Holy Ka’ba in Mecca. I am wearing the suit made from the same green fabric. I then see pure white Divine light coming from above and absorbing into me. My heart starts resonating intensely as the Divine light completely fills my entire body.

I awaken from the dream realising that my whole body is still resonating vigorously. This lasts for a few minutes and I have a feeling of immense exhilaration.

I’m not entirely sure what this dream signifies, but it was the most beautiful experience I have ever had.

Thank you Shazi


Your dream body and in the fourth dimensional realm, your have visited Mecca and completed a complete pilgrimage or Haj.

By doing so, you will receive the reward of Haj by going there. As you tuned and you have been regularly raising your vibrations, the effect of doing a pilgrimage is felt by your heart resonating.
When we read a Holy Book, do pilgrimage and meditate we increase the frequency of the body to coincide with the universal frequencies.

Well done an excellent dream.