Letter 035 - Gratitude continued


Hi Shazi

Thank you so much for putting my letter on you website so that others may benefit. Also a heartfelt thanks for your warm words.

Gratitude can be used to powerfully attract specific things into your life. When you are grateful for the things you want to come into your life (good health, a perfect relationship, new car, etc.) before they actually appear, you are sending out a frequency to the Universe that you already have those things. By giving heartfelt thanks for it now, you will attract those things to you.

To maximise your gratitude, sit quietly and silently say “Thank you” for a couple of minutes. Feel the sensations of gratitude as you silently repeat the words “Thank you.” As mentioned previously, start a list of all the things you are grateful for and all the things you wish to attract. Always list the things in the present tense.

Read the list and sense the feelings of gratitude as deeply as possible in your heart. As you silently say “Thank you”, imagine the words are being spoken through your heart. This is incredibly powerful. Add to your list daily and focus on all that you have to be grateful for throughout the day. This positive frame of mind will powerfully transform your life in all areas!

Each morning make it a habit to feel gratitude for the day ahead, in advance so that you magnetise the good things that come your way. Throughout the day constantly fill your thoughts with things to be grateful for. Even as you walk from one place to another, think and feel the words “Thank you” with each step. Consciously think about the things you are grateful for.

You are summoning unfathomable power through the Universe when you do these things regularly. There are no limits to the good you bring to yourself. You will eliminate the attraction of negative thoughts and feelings. By practicing gratitude daily, you will increase and maximise your magnetic power to attract a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Remember our thoughts and feelings have a profound impact on those around us. So imagine the positive vibrations you are sending out by increasing and enhancing your own vibrations.

I sincerely pray “May your hearts and minds be filled with gratitude and may all your dreams come true!” Inshallah.


Keep writing as this will open more of the right spiritual brain and others will learn too. Thank you again.