Letter 030 - Ra and the Ants


Dear Shazi,

I hope you can explain the significance and purpose of this dream...

It starts with me and my cousins in a vastly huge and beautiful garden. We were just exploring it out of curiosity and amazement. As soon as I had looked to my right I saw a huge waterslide, then me and my cousins darted towards it.

Half way in the midst of our journey towards it, they stop in their tracks. So I turn around and ask them what’s wrong, to which they replied with a question: "Are you going somewhere?" I wasn't sure what they were talking about until I looked at my hands, they were dematerialising and then so was my whole body!

Before I knew it I had appeared above this planet which had very similar features to our moon. And then suddenly I was pulled towards it at a terrifying speed which caused me to crash into the ground. After a short period of regaining my vision and composure I look around.

I see only a barren, desert wasteland which was full of massive craters in the ground. I also spot other people half buried in the sand, so I rush towards all of them and pull them all out of the sand. This group comprised of a scientist and a couple of warriors (one of which was an alien). For some reason I knew them very well, as if I had known them all my life.

From looking at them I recall what my mission was on this planet, and that they were to aid me in this task. The scientist in particular was an expert of this planet and offered to be my guide. And so we started a long walk in this barren desolate wasteland, by following his lead.

Eventually we come across this massive crater in the ground, and before I decide to enter it the scientist stops me. He says: "Are you sure you want to do this? It is going to get very dangerous from here onwards..." I reply “I am positive, let’s keeping moving." So then we all jump into this dark and deep crater.

Despite the fact that we practically fell a thousand feet, it felt like we had reached the ground in an instant without any problems. We look around and see massive columns to our left and right and we realise that we are standing on a balcony in mid-air and that there is still a huge drop to go if we are to reach the absolute bottom. But what really caught our attention was the massive giant made of stone which was apparently sleeping....

The scientist informed me that we would have to wake up the giant as it was preventing us from venturing further. But before I could proceed, the giant woke up in an instant. It had the vicious face of a Minotaur and wasn't at all pleased that we came here. It spoke in a deep and angry tone: "What is your purpose here? You do not belong here, these are sacred grounds!! If you venture further I shall kill you where you stand!!"

The warriors amongst me were not at all fazed by this giant's threat, they started to taunt and challenge it. Suddenly, the giant swing its arms at us in a huge rage, this causes me and the scientist to jump to the right, off the balcony further down the deep crater. I, the scientist and the alien warrior manage to grab hold of the ledges sticking out of the columns to our right, and pull ourselves up onto a secret balcony behind the columns.

The scientist tells me we should quickly run pass the giant while he is distracted by our other warriors. So the three of us rush through the secret passageway, but it leads us to a dead end. The scientist then calls upon the help of ants and other insects (using some sort of technological device that emits a certain frequency) to help us brake through this wall.

To my amazement millions of ants and bugs scurry pass us and somehow weaken the wall in front of us. The alien amongst us kicks the wall causing it to crumble to pieces, and then we jump straight though the gap, falling into what seemed to be a warehouse from first glances. As soon as we looked up, we were all speechless..... We were inside a big massive warehouse about 100 football fields wide and tall. There were rows upon rows of ants everywhere but not only normal ants but big 7ft tall ones too! They were all busy working on ant hills, and as we looked up we saw dozens of black UFOs flying pass each other at a crazy speed. A 7ft tall bulky ant saw us, "what are you doing here? You are disturbing a working progress!!" he barked in a harsh and deep tone.

Before he was about to kick us out a smaller ant stopped him, "now now relax my friend, we shall give them the proper greeting and tour they deserve" he said and then grinned at the other ant, and started cackling. We then followed this ant up a staircase to our right, "what is going on here?" the scientist asked the ant. "What you see here is the finest evolutionary process of the ants, the universe has ever seen" the ant boasted. "Oh don’t make me laugh, your ants are weak and pathetic, they deserve no praise" claimed my alien warrior, who did not seem impressed but was looking for a fight. "You should see our finest of ants, the highest in our evolutionary phase, some of them can even fly" said the ant, not at all phased by the alien's taunt. "

In fact I shall take you to the highest of our evolutionary phase of ants, our leader..." The scientist as well as I was beginning to distrust the ant, "I sense a trap" he whispered to me.

And as soon as he said that, two 6ft tall red ants came behind us and pushed us forward up the stairs preventing us from going back. As I turned my head forward again, we were at the top of the flight of stairs and directly in front us was their leader with its back facing us. It had the view of the whole warehouse from where it was, as well as where we were now also present. It was completely black, like the rest of the ants but had a weird shaped head.

For some reason I had thought I had seen that sort of thing before. And then I remembered, I saw that sort of black figure on some Egyptian hieroglyphics which were showing the Egyptian God's.... So I definitely knew it was one of the Egyptian God's. And then it turned its head around slightly and I saw its white glowing eyes and the first thought that came through to me was that it was the God Ra. It was not phased by us at all, in fact it looked like it was expecting us and then its eyes flash brightly enough for me to cover my eyes and then I wake up....


Thank you for your detailed description of the dream about Ra and the ants. Firstly, your cosmic memory is excellent and shows that you regularly perform meditation.

When we go to sleep, the soul disconnects from the material body and is free to explore the fourth dimensional world of dreams. It is free from time and space and is able to explore anywhere in the galaxy.

Your dream is about a trip visiting a planet where aliens and ants exist. As you are attached to your cousins, they are present with you.

In the beginning you have dematerialised meaning you have entered a portal of space, to enter a planet and then the adventure begins. The dream is informing you about other species that exist besides human beings.

The significant meaning is that the Egyptian God Ra started its spiritual existence as an ant. After many reincarnations and refining his qualities as a person, he reaches the highest position and closer to the Creator; he becomes an Egyptian God.

Interesting read.