Letter 029 - Prophet’s Tomb


Dear Shazi

Today at morning during Zikr/Muraqba meditation, I felt that a green cloud came from the Holy Prophet’s tomb (Medina) and embraced our house and my daughter's house in another neighbourhood.  

The green cloud then started shrinking and entered in my chest and I observed all my family members going through the same event.  It then sits in the middle of the sternum and emits a very soft green light.  At the same time, I observe a soft white light coming from above also shining on me.
This is just to let you know of my observation and I would like to seek the interpretation, please.


Due to your strong beliefs and attachment to Prophet Mohammad, a connection with his spirit has been made. This is shown by the green cloud which is associated with him.

The green cloud enters your chest and other family members, this shows the Prophets attributes and qualities are being slowly manifesting inside of you. This is then slowly being released into the body. At the same time you observed a white light which is Divine light from the Creator.

I suggest you carry meditating regular, now that you have some experiences; hopefully this will develop.

Well done excellent experience.