Letter 028 - Mums Clothes

28-Dec -2011

Hi Shazi

I dreamt last night that me and Dad were in our old house, Mum is no longer with us. My dad clears out mum's things. Gives me a bunch of her clothes to get rid of, I look at the front of the house , there are shrubs and bushes that are growing on a slope in front of our house, I think to myself "I'll throw these clothes down this slope amongst the shrubs, this is a good place.

I pick her clothes in my hands, I start crying and can't let go of her clothes. Dad says “let go of the clothes ". I reply, "No I can’t, and I still smell mum's fragrance in them".
Dad says “We need to let go of the past if we need to move ahead to the future".......
The dream fades..........


You are holding onto the memories of your mother who has past away. To move ahead you must let go of all the built emotions.

I know this can be challenging, holding memories in someway is good as long as it does not impact on your life. Sometimes we can think too much about a person and leave us drained.

The clothes represent her identity and your dad mentions in the last line to let go of the past is the best advice. Spiritually speaking I suggest you create your own personality and identity. You will find it easier rather then following someone else, like your mother.