Letter 027 - Swimming


Hi Shazi

I dreamt last night that there are people swimming in a large river, friends and relatives and other people. Their job is to swim a long distance, they must all do this. They have to get somewhere, a destination......Me and a few other people have a task to do, our job is to provide these people with food when they come out of the water. We, the food providers have already been through this journey. Our task is to encourage them... I take down food orders from the swimmers, like a waitress. They all want different foods.

We cheer the swimmers on; it’s like an Olympic event........


The people swimming in the water, signifies mankind living in the material world. The swim is long because of their own personal difficulties in life and how it drags when things are down.

Every person has an aim and a reason why he was born on this world; but most are totally unaware of this as we have not made a connection with our higherself.

When you are providing food and taking orders; this means that you will give advice and help others now and during ascension. As you are cheering them on like an Olympic event, shows your compassion and positivity in your goal.

Well done excellent dream and inspiring.