Letter 026 - House


Hi Shazi

Did I tell you the one I had about my friend, I dreamt that she had moved into a house that is old and dirty, but they are very happy there. It belongs to a man who has died there. Some of his belongings were still there, I tell them that this house needs cleaning, I tell them “Don’t you see how dirty this is" They don't seem to be bothered.

I tell them to clean and organize it, so they do......What does it mean????? I saw this about a month ago.


Your friend, who has moved into a dirty, old house and is unaware that it needs cleaning, signifies her values and foundation as a person. She has been negligent as a person and has not made an effort to improve herself as a person.

The rewards from the Creator are those who have been mindful, thoughtful and took care of themselves and others alike. This includes doing their duties and work to the best of their ability without causing harm or offence to others.

This is her reward for the doings of her life. She is unaware that it needs cleaning is because she herself does not care.

As you have advised her to clean the house, she has now become aware of her doings and values as a person.

I suggest you politely advise her, and give her some advice that will make her understand that belief and values go hand in hand; and that some things cannot be neglected and we should always be mindful to ourselves and others.