Letter 025 - Spiritual Retreat


Dear Shazi,

I am writing to let your readers know that they can further develop themselves spiritually during the night as they sleep. I have recently discovered through an enlightened lightworker that we can ask to be taken to specific Spiritual Retreats as we sleep. These Spiritual Retreats help train our souls in any given field so that we may increase our knowledge and understanding.

For instance, if we wish to gain the knowledge and ability to spiritually heal, we can ask to be taken to a Retreat which teaches healing. If we would like to learn channelling, we can ask for a Spiritual Retreat which teaches channelling. Before falling asleep, ask your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, etc. whom you trust, to grant you safe passage to a specific Spiritual Retreat whilst you sleep. If you are not sure, just ask to be escorted to a Spiritual Retreat which is of most benefit to you at this moment in time. You may then feel sensations on your Third Eye Chakra (Brow) and/or Crown Chakra. Please remember to thank your Spiritual Guides/Angels and send them Love and Light.

The first time I tried this technique I asked Archangel Michael along with my Gateway Angel to escort me safely to a Spiritual Retreat which would benefit me most at this present time. I instantly felt strong sensations on my Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. I immediately thanked them and sent my Love and Light three times. The following morning before awakening I recall seeing several images and words and phrases in my mind. The final image which remained prominent in my mind as I awoke was of several multi-coloured symbols tattooed on my hand. I did not understand the significance of it but knew it was important.

I have since then asked my Angels to grant me safe passage to Spiritual Retreats every night. In order to develop my spiritual growth and enhance my understanding, I need to ask for it, as nothing is done without our will. Therefore, I strongly advise that anyone reading this, please take positive steps in increasing your own knowledge during the night, whilst you sleep. Please also pass this information to other like-minded people, so they too may benefit.

Thank you Shazi, for giving me the opportunity to share this message.

I send you Love and Light from the Infinite Creator


Thank you for sharing this with our readers, and I pray that we become enlightened and understand our goals for the future in 2012.