Letter 022 - Orbs


Dear Shazi,

I am writing to let you know that I can see Orbs. I have been seeing them since September but was unaware of what they were. Last week I was talking to my six year old daughter when I saw three Orbs. My daughter then exclaimed that she saw a round glowing moon which was very bright. The word Orb immediately came to mind and I knew instantly what they were.

I did some research on Diana Cooper’s website, and discovered that many people can now see Orbs. Orbs occur when angels lower their frequency to impress their light bodies in circular balls of intense light. These Orbs contain angelic energy and radiate light and messages to us. Every Orb is a key to a specific energy. Some transmit, healing, love and enlightenment.

The amount of Orbs I see is increasing daily. Certain activities such as meditation, spiritual research, reading the Quran, spiritual contemplation, enable me to see many Orbs in succession. Last week when I was having a spiritual debate with my brother, after group meditation, I happened to see at least 30 Orbs!

If other readers can also see Orbs, remember it is a special gift. You have a connection to the angelic realm. Whenever, I see an Orb, I feel a physical presence and also have strong sensation in my third eye chakra. This sensation is the message being transmitted from the Orb. I have also discovered that my intuitive skills have greatly increased. My knowledge on Universal Laws has also increased and this is partly due to intuition.

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful as I instinctively know that I am being closely guided in all aspects of my life. I feel such bliss and inner calm as I always pray to be guided on the straight path. My prayers have indeed been answered!


Thank you for sharing this experience with our readers. May your insight increase as you awaken further in your journey to the fifth dimensional realm.