Letter 021 - The New Home


Dear Shazi,

I had an unusual dream last night. I saw a magnificent house surrounded by lovely meadows and trees. My family and I enter the house which we have never seen before. I get the feeling that it belongs to us. The children excitedly run inside. As I walk into the sitting room, I am pleased to see that it is so bright and spacious. I also appreciate the fact that the walls have been stripped bare, making it easier for me to decorate and put my own mark on it.

The second reception room is also very light and spacious. It has patio doors leading into an exquisite garden. The children are already outside befriending the new neighbours, who seem to be very welcoming. I next enter the kitchen and am amazed at the huge dimension. There is also a large dining area at one end.
I notice another doorway leading off the kitchen.

As I enter yet another room I realise it is a utility room. There are six clothes dryers on the far wall. Three are on the floor and three are sitting on top. As I approach them I notice two are switched on. I also become aware that each dryer has a label for different coloured clothing. The one for blue clothes and white clothes are both on. I remember thinking what a brilliant idea.

I then notice that the utility room doesn’t have any windows and is very dimly lit. I decide that I will put a skylight in the ceiling to bring in natural sunlight. At that moment a skylight appears in the ceiling bringing in lovely warm sunshine. I also notice that my children along with the neighbour’s children are playing merrily on the roof of the utility room. I can see them through the skylight. I can hear their joy filled laughter and I remember feeling overwhelming delight. I know we will be happy here and I awake feeling blissful and positive about the future.

I do not understand the significance of the clothes dryers for different coloured clothing. Please can you shed some light?


In your dream you saw your home, or to correctly say the home for your soul. When we dream it is the soul that journeys through the cosmos of space. In this case you saw your home but not completed. This is why the walls were bare as you are still alive on this world and building your life.

It is through our good deeds that we will inherent a place to live in the fourth dimensional world after death.

You were able to change the appearance of the utility room by manifesting a skylight window through your thought. In this realm telepathy is the form of communication and for manifesting things according to our impulse and desires.

The significance of the dryers is that you are developing a new type of thought and thinking. At the same time shedding away the emotions of the past and coming to terms of your current state of affairs.

As you awaken further you will automatically rid yourself of the things that plagued and even memories stored in your mind; as shown as different dryers for different coloured clothes. These are your memories you are deciphering and updating your ideas and thoughts.

You have become perceptive as you awaken further each day.