Letter 020 - The Snake

Dear Shazi,

Salam Alaikum
Yesterday I was sleeping after Fajar Prayer when I saw myself standing by the side of a road.  I heard a whistle-like sound from one side of the road.  I see a large snake crawling on the road, coming fast towards me with his head up in the air.  When he saw me standing there, he circled around me and stood in front of me.  My intuition tells me of his bad intent.  I come closer to the snake and in a loud voice say "Allah Hoo" twice.  With both these strikes of "Allah Hoo", the snake lays on the ground.  I have a rod in my hand and with one strike, I kill him.  The dream ends.
Hope to hear from you.
This is a very positive dream and shows how much you have developed in this short time. The snake is your ego and negativity/doubt which we encounter on a daily basis.
Every day we deny ourselves when we think of things that are positive, as our logic consciousness doubts our ability.
When you started reading 'Allah Hoo', you manifested energies from the Creator and created a wave to stop the snake from getting any closer and harming you; by doing so you have conquered your ego and any doubt that exists, inside of you.
However, due to the vulnerability of the human mind, we need to make sure negativity does not cloud our judgement or make us feel incapable of doing things.
Excellent well done.