Letter 019 - The Moon and Purple Hues


Hi Shazi,

I hope you are well, I am writing to share some dreams and experiences with you.
Yesterday morning after an early meditation I slept for about ½ hour and had a very clear short dream as follows:

I saw the full moon through my window where the sky was day time, light blue but gradually got darker right before my eyes until I was looking at the moon in a dark blue night sky. I then found myself sliding down a tube which in the dream I was aware of being a tube in my body, I fell out of the tube onto a stage which was half a circle and black. On the stage were very large faceted gems that went up to my knees (I can’t remember the colours very accurately but I have a vague memory of them being light hues of pink and purple). The room was very dark and so I could not see anything other than the stage.


An experience I had in my night time meditation on November the 11 is as follows:

Usually during meditation I will feel slight energy movements on the sides of my head like lines which I’m used to. But this time I felt something touch the back of my neck which I saw in my mind as white sphere of white light at the back of my neck. I felt it as uplifting and extremely gentle. Simultaneously I felt this energy had shifted something in my right hip as I could feel sharp sensations of being tickled by this energy at my hip which made me laugh during my meditation. This experience only lasted for a very short duration.

There’s another thing that I've been noticing for a few weeks that I would like to tell you about:

For weeks whenever I closed my eyes in meditation I would always see right before them a faint purple hue of light. First I wasn’t sure if it was real, but after some time it got stronger and I was even able to see it at night with my eyes open if the room was dark.

Recently in the past couple of weeks this light has gotten a lot brighter and it appears more frequently during meditation or when I’m about to sleep or have just woke up. This light often moves and changes shape before my eyes as in sometimes I can see intense luminous dots or sparks which then will dissolve in to a purple hue.
This light isn’t like other lights I sometimes see on walls or objects as it feels a lot closer like right in front of my
eyes. If there’s anything you could say about this it would be really great.

Thank you for reading this.


In your dream, when you saw the moon, means that you actually saw your own spiritual sight. This is made of the colours of the rainbow and directly fed by your higher consciousness.

This is like an introduction of your true self; which can be best described as beautiful.

When you saw precious gems this means the hidden potential and abilities of your true self. We must remember that Knowledge of all creation lies within ourselves to be accessed by anyone. This can is yours and I suggest that you continue with your meditation and hopefully all will be revealed.

In your meditation, when you were tickled by energies; these are energies being manifested and circulating around your body. This happens in meditation constantly, however you experienced this which is excellent.

All energies we perceive as colours due to our limited understanding, which normally are the colours of the rainbow. As you are constantly meditating you are having experiences outside meditation; this is because you inner vision is opening up.