Letter 018 - Dispel Negativity


Dear Shazi,

I had a vivid dream that I was swimming in the sea. An unusual creature swims towards me which I have never seen before. It is oblong in shape with a small tail, roughly 2 foot in length and dark grey. It is almost flat and has a wide jaw underneath with a double row of jagged teeth – similar to sharks.

As it swims closer I notice that the jaw is fully open, exposing the dangerous teeth. Although I feel apprehensive, I am not afraid. It then latches on to the inside of my right forearm, but I feel no pain. I do not struggle and go completely still. I then sense somebody pulling me out of the water and laying me gently down on wooden decking. I hear someone shouting “Quick, rip it off her!” and see a pair of male arms moving towards the creature.

My immediate response is to say sharply, “No! Don’t touch it. Leave me alone. I’m fine.” The arms retreat and I lay down calmly on the decking with my eyes closed, almost in a meditative state.

Finally, the creature detaches and rolls across my body, landing upside down to my left. It looks plump and reminds me of a leech which sucks out infection from blood. When I look to my right arm there is no blood or pain. I only see a faint pink mark where it was attached.

I awake feeling light hearted and happy. I instinctively know the dream was positive but cannot determine the meaning.

Later that evening during meditation, I felt acute pain in my right arm at exactly the same place the creature was latched on. My thoughts focused on the dream and I knew that the creature had removed negativity from me. For a week, previous to this dream, I had been praying for my negativity to be dispelled for greater spiritual growth, so that I could absorb more light energy. My prayers have been answered!

Two days later I was out shopping with my husband and was passing a crystal shop. A crystal in the window caught my eye and I went in to enquire. I was told that it was a Feng Shui crystal which dispelled negativity in the wearer causing inner balance. Of course, I had to buy it! I felt as if it was a gift. Later that day when I put it on, I immediately felt a strong surge of energy swirling across my chest. It was wonderfully uplifting. I now wear my special gift everyday!


Thank you for sharing this experience and you have answered the meaning of your dream your self. Your higher conscious guided you to the crystal shop and immediately you bought the Feng Shui crystal. Your prayers have been answered.