Letter 017 - Resonating with Love


Dear Shazi,

I would like to share a unique experience I had during meditation on 11.11.11.
It was mid afternoon and I was meditating with my husband. All of a sudden, the sensations intensified and my whole head felt as if it was resonating.

Next my heart started resonating also. Then my whole body started resonating and I felt wondrously exhilarated. I cannot describe in words what I felt but it literally brought tears to my eyes. I felt such deep joy in my heart and yet I was weeping.
It was by far the best meditation I have experienced. I do not fully understand why my body was resonating. I assume it must due to the intensity of the energies on 11.11.11.
Please can you shed some light.


You are right; the energy has a frequency which is like a vibration. What happened to you is your body and the new 11.11.11 energy connected.

The energies first it reached your head; it is why it was resonating then slowly your body too. Onced it reached your heart the connection was complete.

This new energy is love and it nourishes and cleanses the body, mind and spirit. It is why you felt so overwhelmed.

Excellent experience keep meditating.