Letter 016 - Giant Waves


Hi Shazi

How are you? Had a dream last night, I saw all of us going about our daily lives doing various tasks etc. Then I saw giant waves, white, made of Noor. These are really high, coming towards us. We get engulfed in this ocean of white energy. We get swept away and become a part of it. It was very soothing.....

Any interesting stuff on your end?


What you experienced in your dream was the new energy that has engulfed the planet as seen as a wave. This new refined, high energy Noor light has transferred and ignite the cells to open. This in turn will act as receivers of new information to all of mankind.

The new energy will soon take over the body and rid it of all toxins. Every negative emotion will soon be expelled as the new energy will not accept any negativity inside the body.

Everyone will be embracing this new found energy and enthusiasm. There will be a spring in everyone step. It is why you felt soothing as you felt it revitalising you.

See my Dream 27 and EA session 11 for my experiences.