Letter 014 - Driver


Hi Shazi

I had a dream that I was driving, my mum is with me and my daughter I think. I see a car on the opposite side, in the opposite direction tilt to one side. Immediately I sense there's a sand storm coming. All the other cars get blown away.

 I stop by the side of the road, sand swirling all around me. We are not afraid and know that this will soon pass. Then I wake up.

I wonder what this means.


In your life right now there are changes taking place which can be turbulent and emotional. However, this will soon pass and because of your strong will power you will be able to handle the situation well.

As you were not afraid of the sandstorm, shows that any further problems heading your way will be dealt with the same way of calmness and patience.

In the car was your mother and daughter, this is because you feel strongly attached to both of them.