Letter 013 - Laser lights


Dear Shazi,

Here is a dream I would like you to interpret for me... I am high up in the sky on some cliff with a laser in my hand. I look down to what I can only imagine is a 3000 feet drop and start firing at the ground drawing patterns with my laser which is red in colour. I see other lasers being fired from different places of different colours but are firing near where I am firing....
Then I throw my laser away and jump off the cliff, I fly straight down to the ground in a matter of seconds and inspect the ground..... I survey the area and I see my dad, my aunty and my brother pointing at a huge heap of leaves and mud. My dad asks me to put this to good use somehow.... So I acted instinctively and I flew upwards 1000 feet so I could have a good bird’s eye view of everything. And then pointed my hand at the heap of muck and raised it from the ground using my mind (like telekinesis) and constructed a maze without planning or thinking, my hands seemed to be moving on their own controlling the different sections of muck to form the maze; and when I finished I flew down and it took me a few seconds for my mind to comprehend or realise what I had created... And I only realised I had created this vast maze when my aunty told me well done as I was walking away...

Love and light to you, I hope you can find the meaning.


The cliff signifies your spiritual and successfulness in your material life. When you begin to fire lasers from your hand, this means that man possesses an ability which that is made of different coloured lights from the source of the universe.

Each coloured light has creative attributes, by you shooting down on the ground, shows if developed you can harness these energies through your mind. It is why in your dream you are constantly using your hands and telekinesis, as you put it.
The heap of leaves and mud is the chaos of this material world, which you can only put it right, if you put order into your life. Your spirit is guiding you to start to arrange and plan you life creatively and use your spiritual guidance as much as possible. You have your family backing and encouraging you to be more independent.

In this venture you will be successful, as your Aunty is later congratulating you. Whatever, plans you have in your mind, it is wise to carry them through and leave the rest to the Creator.