Letter 012 - Big Zoo!


My dream: I'm in school and the day goes as normal with work and socialising with friends... then my friends invite me for a ride to Sheffield because they are very fond of the long road full of turns called the snake pass way. So I join them on the adventure... as soon as my friend starts playing music in the car the dream increases in clarity and I can see as clearly as I see when I am awake and the weather turns from average to sunny!! But anyhow I am in the backseat just enjoying the view of the mountains and nature as we go through the snake pass and then I see a sign saying BIG ZOO!! And then I see a massive deer which is taller than the Empire State building, if were to guess its height!!! And I saw a peculiar insect which was the same height but I found the deer more strange because it was the creature that wouldn't stop staring into my eyes with its pure black eyes with no pupils but I didn't know why.... and the dream ends...


This dream is about what level of consciousness and understanding you are. This is also about instincts, in this case animal instinct; you were with you friends driving down the road, and being happy.

Then you came face to face with a huge deer, this is your ego. It then stared into your eyes; this shows the confidence and stubbornness to do so.

Your higher consciousness is advising you to change your state of mind and be neutral and do not discriminate yourself away from people. But except them as different and they have different point of views, correct or incorrect, it’s not important.