Letter 011 - 10 years ago


Hi Shazi can you find out about this dream;

I am running away frantically from what I think is a werewolf and then a middle-aged man called Charlie (who is a friend to me in the dream but in real life I don't know him) tackles the beast away from me and tells me to run!! I tell him that I can't leave him to die but he persuades me that I am more important to be kept alive... so I continue running and make it out of the forest to this long path.... my father and brother teleport behind me and my father tells me we have got to find our aunty and awake her to the truth. So we follow this long path and it takes us past this lake which I remember visiting in a dream 10 years ago!!! I go closer to it and realize the water had changed from being very clean and clear 10 years ago to being dark, putrid and dirty now!!! So I leave it and come across an alien (who also happens to be a family friend in this dream but I don't know this creature in real life) who speaks to me in a different language not from this earth but I understand what he says and I reply "I'm good thanks" and he lets us through this portal behind him and the dream ends....


This is a dream of the journey of your soul when you go to sleep. We must remember and accept that the true YOU is the soul and it too has a life of its own.

When we sleep it is free of the gravity of the world and is able to journey anywhere around the galaxy. In your dream you visited a man called Charlie when running away from a werewolf. This is your own personal fears visible as a werewolf. He advises you to run, meaning that you should let go of your personal fears and worries and move forward. This includes other people’s opinions which have confused your own personal thinking and views. For comfort and security you visualised your father and brother into the dream to help you.

Then the path leads you to the past, 10yrs the collective consciousness, as shown in water, was a clear, sensitive and friendly, but 10yrs later this changed to the opposite. There is selfishness, greed and materialism in the mind. However, this dream is not true for current times; the collective consciousness is changing rapidly to that pure state of water.

Later you see an alien; this is possible even though consciously you do not remember him. This is because regularly we forget our dreams, but he and you recognise each other. This is due to the fact that your soul went and visited this alien before.

An excellent action packed dream.