Letter 009 - The Cliff


In another dream I am standing on top of a cliff and there is another cliff 50 metres ahead of the cliff I’m standing on... the only way to get across is this rope connected to poles on both of the cliffs.

I turn to my right and see a shadow red figure in the same situation I am in, it then goes across to the other cliff using the rope in a matter of seconds, and then I also mimic it's exact move with a somersault at the end to make it across to the other cliff. My dad and brother teleport behind me and then we venture in a forest in front of us.

As I enter the forest I have an intense feeling of déjà vu as if I have been here before. I look to my right and see a bazaar (marketplace) and I recall memories of being there before. This old lady also appears before me and brother and I can't help but recognize her as somebody I have met before and then my brother tells me "come on we have got to show her!" but I don't know exactly what he is talking about and the dream ends.


When we sleep the soul leaves the body and ventures to far away places or places it has visited before.
The Cliff experience is the obstacle you have to face for your spiritual growth. This is the meditation and learning before you begin to open up inside and understand. The dream tells you that you will be successful.

The déjà vu feeling is because your soul has visited a place before met people. It is why your brother is showing his things.