Letter 008 - Spectator Spirit


Hi Shazi,

I would like you to interpret for me...

In this dream I am a spectator spirit (nobody can see me but I can see them). I see a man walk out of his house locking up all the doors and windows with a depressed look on his face... his 2 twin daughters and son are outside the house too, looking sad also.

One of the daughters starts to cry whilst the other says: "why do we live in a neighbourhood where nobody would accept our hugs or our kisses?" The father replies: "now, it's going to be alright" and gives her a hug.

Kids nearby rush to the scene and say in a rush: “did you hear about the elections?" the dream ends......


When the family locks up the house and leave, this means that they are leaving their third dimensional thinking.

When they feel sad is because they wanted more people to understand their love and higher dimensional mind.

The elections signify a change of fortune and new wave of outlook and thinking.

Overall the dream means that you have moved forward in thinking and have accepted the changes consciously inside your mind. You have also accepted that the old third dimensional thinking is to be left behind to move forward.

An excellent dream.