Letter 007 - Winged Horses


Dear Shazi,

I am writing to ask you how you would interpret this dream.... I frantically jump up as soon as I awake to realise that I was lying down on clouds.... I look around and all I can see is white and it is silent too. Then a stable appears out of thin air right next to me, and the air ahead of me from a distance starts to ripple like a heat wave. Then I see 3 white horses with white feathered wings jump from this "ripple" and start to gallop their way towards me. They were moving so fast and were so close that I didn't have time to move out of the way... so when they eventually reached me they jumped through me as if they were ghosts... although I could not feel the impact my heart had skipped a beat upon impact with these horses causing me to wake up from this dream in an instant....

thank you and love and light to you :)


The three winged horses signify spiritual consciousness and abilities coming your way.

However, it has to be earned, so don’t rest on your laurels, but work hard and do not take anything for granted. My advice would be to meditate and raise your vibrations and be patient.

Your aim is to make a connection with your higher self and start listening in silence. You will know when you have achieved this.

Thank you for your letter and it is truly an inspirational dream.