Letter 006 - Kundalini Experience


Dear Shazi

Last Tuesday during meditation I awakened my Kundalini. At the time I had no idea what was happening. I felt an intense energy spiralling rapidly upwards from my lower abdomen. The force of the energy almost elevated me off the sofa. The energy was so powerful that it literally knocked my breath away. I was desperately gasping for air and experienced an acute constricting pain in the centre of my body. I eventually forced myself to start breathing calmly and the spasmodic pain slowly eased off. This experience left me frightened and confused.

The next day whilst meditating my Kundalini energy arose rapidly three times. Each time I managed to control my breathing before it became too painful. After meditation I was reading the updates on your website (which I do daily) and my Kundalini rapidly shot up almost lifting me out of my seat! That is when I phoned you and was relieved to finally understand what was happening. I did some research (as advised by you) and discovered Kundalini is a psycho-spiritual energy of the consciousness which may be aroused through meditation or yoga. I used to attend a yoga class regularly until recently and now meditate daily – this must have triggered my Kundalini awakening. Since then my Kundalini energy raises everyday during meditation, but the pain and discomfort is steadily decreasing.

On the weekend I had a surprise visit from a close friend who I was subconsciously craving to see since my first Kundalini experience. Her third eye is fully open and she is blessed with several gifts and talents from our Infinite Creator. My heart sang with love and joy when I saw her as I feel a very strong connection to her. As I recalled my experience she immediately stopped me and knew what I was going to say. She had experienced my pain and confusion along with my frantically grasping for breath. Her husband had thought she was having an asthma attack and panicked!

My friend lives 80 miles away and she experienced everything I did at the same time – that is truly amazing! She came to visit at a moment’s notice because my heart strongly desired to see her. Speaking to her reassured me greatly as she advised me to breathe slowly and calmly when my Kundalini rises during meditation. She also told me to imagine ‘putting a lid’ on the Kundalini and lowering the energy when not meditating to keep it under control – my Kundalini was rising instantaneously throughout the day, even whilst driving! She also said when the time was right; I would naturally master the Kundalini through meditation.

This was excellent advice as I have found a week later that my Kundalini energy is rising more smoothly and calmly. I also feel a sense of super lucidity along with extra energy, it’s fantastic. I sent this email to reassure other readers who may have similar experiences and are confused.

Thank you Shazi, for your support and insight in this matter. When my Kundalini is fully activated you’ll be the first to know!

May you be Blessed with Love and Light of the Infinite Creator.